Closest Airport to Napa Valley Wineries & Top Tips For Getting There

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Are you planning a trip to gorgeous wine country? If so, read this first to learn the closest airport to Napa Valley wineries and the best tips for getting there. This guide will explain the different ways to get to Napa Valley to help you choose the perfect option for you and your wine tasting crew.

🍷 Continue reading, and you will be sipping delicious vino on Napa’s hillside in no time!

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First Trip to Napa Valley

Napa Valley is one of the most sought-after wine regions in the world. As a Bay area local, I feel so fortunate to have the renowned Napa Valley in our backyard. If you are planning your first trip to Napa Valley, you will be blown away by all of its natural beauty. The cascading hills of vineyards and exquisite wine will make you feel like you have been transported to beautiful Tuscany, Itlay.

Closest Airport to Napa Valley Wineries

Napa Valley is located in northern California outside of the city of San Francisco. There are numerous airports nearby within driving distance of Napa Valley’s wineries. However, it will depend on where you are flying from and your budget on which airport you should choose for your trip to wine country.

find out the closest airports to napa valley wineries

The Napa Valley region consists of 5 main major towns that span 30 miles. Calistoga is the farthest point in the North, and Napa, closest to San Francisco, in the South.

I have provided the 8 closest airports to Napa Valley Wineries. The driving time and mileage are to downtown Napa, so the times are an estimate since it depends on where you will be staying in Napa Valley. It could be an additional 30-minute drive or so from downtown Napa.

✈️ Closest Airports to Napa Valley Wineries

  • Napa County Airport (APC)
  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
  • Oakland International Airport (OAK)
  • JSX (Oakland & Concord)
  • Sacramento International Airport (SAC)
  • San Jose International Airport (SJC)
  • Sonoma County Airport – Charles M. Schultz (STS)
  • Buchanan Field Airport (CCR)

Napa County Airport

Napa County Airport is the β€œSkyport to the Wine Country” and the closest airport to the Napa Valley wineries. Only a 15-minute drive to downtown Napa, you can be off the plane and wine tasting at one of the many wineries in minutes. Almost too good to be true, but can you fly into Napa County Airport?

What to Wear Wine Tasting in California

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    Yes, you can fly into Napa County Airport, but it is going to cost you. This airport only services charter flights and private aircraft. They do not allow commercial airlines in or out of Napa County Airport. You can fly directly to this airport if you have chartered a plane or pilot your own aircraft.

    Another con from flying into Napa Valley Airport would be they do not have any car rental agencies available at the airport. So you would need to request a shared car or book a private transfer to your hotel.

    🍷 Distance from downtown Napa: 9 miles, the travel time is approximately a 15 minute drive from Napa County Airport.

    ✈️ What Airlines Fly to Napa County Airport: Since Napa County Airport is a small public airport that does not allow commercial airlines, you can consider charter options such as: Atlantic Aviation, Surf Air, Hopscotch Air, & Linear Air Taxi

    πŸš™  Car Rental: There are no car rentals available at Napa County Airport. You can easily reserve a private transfer to have a car waiting for you. Or book an Uber or Lyft after you land.

    San Francisco International Airport

    San Francisco International Airport is the major gateway from destinations all over the United States and internationally. It is the largest airport in the San Francisco bay area and will most likely provide you with the most options and flexibility of flights.

    🍷 Distance from downtown Napa: 59 miles, travel time is approximately a 1 hour and 10 minute drive without traffic. If you are traveling during rush hour, be prepared for traffic in the Bay area.

    aerial views of san francisco, california

    ✈️  What Airlines Fly to San Francisco International Airport: 

    One of the most popular airports in California, SFO provides direct flights to 86 cities throughout the U.S. on 12 domestic airlines and more than 50 international cities on 45 international carriers.

    Tip: San Francisco International Airport is the hub for United Airlines and is the largest airline at SFO.

    πŸš™  Car Rental: 

    Renting a car from San Francisco International Airport is super convenient and easy to do. The car rental center is located at a central location, and you can access the airport terminals by taking the AirTrain from the rental car center. The AirTrain operates 24 hours every day.

    Is There a Shuttle from San Francisco Airport to Napa?

    I wish there was, that would be incredibly helpful. Unfortunately, there is not a shuttle from San Francisco airport to Napa. However, there are many other forms of transportation to get to Napa Valley.

    How to Get to Napa Valley from SFO

    You can get to downtown Napa from San Francisco via car, train, bus, ferry, and private transfer. Public transportation, such as BART, can be your cheapest option to get to Napa Valley. However, it does require extra planning and travel time. That is why I recommend renting a car or booking a private transfer.

    ⭐️ Rent a Car: My personal recommendation is to rent a car because it gives you the freedom to explore Napa Valley and not have to rely on public transportation or Uber in Napa. However, I understand that renting a car is an extra expense and a responsibility that you may not want to have.

    ⭐️ Private Transfer: The next best way to get to Napa Valley would be to book a private transfer. If you do not want the obligation of a car in Napa Valley, a private transfer or shuttle service will pick you up from the airport and drive you directly to your resort. Booking a shuttle is especially beneficial for a large group traveling together to Napa.

    Booking is an excellent site for booking airport transfers. It’s so easy to do. I use it often to book transfers when we are traveling. They instantly give you a price, and you can confirm on the spot.

    Why I Recommend These Two Options Over Uber or Lyft

    Requesting a shared car from the airport to Napa Valley is a risky request. One, you will not know the price in advance. You could land during a price surge and pay a fortune to get to Napa Valley. I recently flew into SFO and requested a Lyft to go to my home in Oakland, and prices were over $200 for a regular car.

    why shared cars may not be your best option to getting to Napa Valley

    Another issue with depending on a shared car to get to Napa Valley is your ride may get canceled multiple times. Most drivers do not want to make the drive to Napa Valley from San Francisco, especially if it is during peak traffic times.

    Oakland International Airport

    SFO may be the largest airport in the Bay area, but Oakland International Airport is my preferred airport to travel in and out of. Oakland airport is a similar distance from Napa as San Francisco. However, you avoid a lot of the city and bridge traffic. Also, it is a smaller airport that I have found to be more efficient, less delays, and actually cheaper than SFO.

    Oakland international airport, one of the closest airports to napa valley wineries

    Oakland International Airport has a lot of budget airlines, including one of my favorites, Southwest Airlines. Southwest is the largest airline at Oakland International and accounts for majority of the passenger traffic.

    ⭐️ Are you also obsessed with Southwest and love flying for free? Find my guide on 4 Tips to Flying for Free With Southwest Airlines.

    🍷 Distance from downtown Napa: 50 miles travel time is approximately a 1 hour drive to Napa Valley, without traffic.

    ✈️  What Airlines Fly to Oakland International Airport: 

    There a few international flights that come in and out of Oakland International Airport, but it is more utilized for domestic travel in the U.S. 

    There are 9 airlines that are serviced out of Oakland Airport and provide direct service to a growing list of international and domestic destinations.

    The major carriers that fly direct to Oakland International Airport are Southwest Airlines, Allegiant, Alaska Airlines, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit, Frontier, and Volaris.

    πŸš™  Car Rental:

    Car rentals are available at the Oakland International Airport. The car rental center is a 5 minute drive from the airport. A Rental Car Shuttle operates 24 hours a day and provides transportation to terminals and the car center every 10 minutes or less.

    Other forms of transportation: 

    Similar to SFO, there are other options for transportation from the Oakland airport to Napa Valley. Such as BART, booking a shuttle service, requesting a shared car, or bus.

    JSX – Oakland or Concord

    Enjoy the convenience of flying with JetSuiteX from their private terminal near Oakland International Airport or lounge at Buchanan Field in Concord.

    flying JSX to Napa Valley

    JSX is a hop-on jet service that provides luxury flights at an affordable price. Also, a massive perk of flying with JSX is you only need to arrive 20 minutes before your flight. You avoid the hassle of crowds and lines from the airport.

    🍷 The JSX Oakland distance from downtown Napa: is 51 miles, and the travel time is approximately a 1-hour drive to Napa Valley without traffic.

    🍷 The JSX Concord distance from downtown Napa: is 35 miles, and the travel time is approximately a 40-minute drive to Napa Valley without traffic.

    private jet with JetSuitex

    ✈️ JSX Flys From the Following Destinations: 

    Austin, Burbank, Concord, Dallas-Love Field, Houston-Hobby, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Monterey/Carmel, Oakland, Orange County, Phoenix, Reno/Tahoe, and San Diego

    πŸš™  Car Rental: 

    Car Rentals are partnered with JSX and can be available on arrival at Oakland with a prior reservation and are onsite at the Concord location.

    Other forms of transportation: Pre-book a private shuttle or request a shared car.

    Sacramento International Airport

    Sacramento International Airport is a lot closer to Napa Valley than I expected. It is about the same driving time as San Francisco or Oakland International Airport.

    The Sacramento International Airport services 12 airlines that offer nonstop and direct flights throughout the US and connecting flights around the world. Southwest Airlines is the largest carrier, followed by American, Delta, and United.

    🍷 Distance from downtown Napa: 63 miles, travel time is approximately a 1 hour and 20-minute drive without traffic.

    ✈️ What Airlines Fly to Sacramento International Airport: 

    Southwest Airlines, American, Delta, Aeromexico, Alaska Airlines, Frontier, Hawaiin Airlines, Horizon, JetBlue, Spirit, United Airlines, and Volaris.

    πŸš™  Car Rental: 

    The car rental center is located on the airport’s property. A shuttle to the car rental is provided at each terminal, and pick-ups are every 10 minutes.

    Other forms of transportation: 

    Besides renting a car, you can also book a shuttle or private car. They will wait for you outside the airport and personally drive you to Napa Valley. There are numerous car services to choose from. I also like to use Booking to get an instant quote for a transfer.

    San Jose International Airport

    Another airport you can fly to in the San Francisco bay area is San Jose International Airport. The San Jose Airport is the farthest airport from Napa Valley. However, it is still in a reasonable location for you to drive from. And the airport offers many nonstop flights from various destinations.

    There are ten airlines that are serviced from San Jose International Airport. The dominant carrier is Southwest Airlines, with Alaska Airlines as the second largest.

    🍷 Distance from downtown Napa: 85 miles, travel time is approximately a 2-hour drive without traffic.

    ✈️ What airlines fly to San Jose International Airport: 

    Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, JetBlue, American Airlines, Air Canada, British Airways, Delta, Hawaiin Airlines, United Airlines, and Volaris.

    πŸš™  Car Rental: 

    There is a car rental center located at the airport that offers 12 different companies. The Rental Car Center is located directly across from Terminal B, or there is a shuttle you can take from Terminal A.

    Other forms of transportation:

    You can also get to Napa Valley from San Jose International Airport by train, bus, and shuttle service. 

    There is an Amtrak only 10 minutes away from the airport. It is about a 3 hour and 15-minute train ride from Santa Clara to downtown Napa.

    Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport

    The Sonoma County Airport is a small airport in Santa Rosa, CA, about an hour drive to downtown Napa Valley. It is the closest airport to Napa Valley Wineries that offers flights from commercial airlines.

    Sonoma County Airport is the closest airport to Napa Valley Wineries that offers flights from commercial airlines

    You can find nonstop flights from San Diego, Burbank, Los Angeles, Reno, Orange County, Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Denver, Phoneix, and San Francisco.

    Pro Tip: Buy as much wine as you want, and don’t pay to ship it! Alaska Airlines offers a β€œWine Flies Free” program on travel from Sonoma County.

    🍷 Distance from downtown Napa: 46 miles, travel time is approximately a 1 hour drive without traffic.

    ✈️ What airlines fly to Sonoma County Airport:

    aha! Airlines, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Avelo Airlines, and United Airlines.

    πŸš™  Car rental:

    Sonoma County Airport offers five car rental companies at their location.

    Other forms of transportation: Pre-book a private shuttle or request a shared car.

    Buchanan Field Airport

    After Napa County Airport, Buchanan Field Airport is the closest airport to the Napa Valley Wineries. Similar to Napa’s Airport, Buchanan only services charter flights and private aircraft. There is no commercial airline service into or out of the Buchanan Field Airport.

    However, the main difference between Napa County Airport and Buchanan Field Airport is that JSX flies to Buchanan. So you can fly luxury at an affordable price and be under an hour’s drive away from the Napa Valley wineries.

    🍷 Distance from downtown Napa: 35 miles, travel time is approximately a 40 minute drive to Napa Valley, without traffic

    ✈️ What airlines fly to Buchanan Field Airport:

    JSX, Linear Air Taxi, and other chartered air crafts

    πŸš™  Car rental:

    A car rental center is located onsite at the Buchanan Field Airport in Concord.

    Other forms of transportation: Pre-book a private shuttle or request a shared car.

    Resources & Tips for Getting to Napa Valley

    San Francisco International Airport & Oakland International Airport are the two most popular airports used to get to Napa Valley wineries. Mainly because of their distance from Napa, but also because of their options of flights.

    oakland international airport

    For public transportation options from San Francisco & Oakland here are some resources to book your ferry ride, train, or the BART schedule.

    * There is no Amtrak in San Francisco, you will need to take a bus first to Oakland or Emeryville.

    Booking Your Flight to Napa Valley

    I always check Skyscanner first when booking a flight to a destination. Skyscanner is a search engine that compares the prices of 1000 airlines to help you find the best deal for your flight.

    It’s extremely easy to use and set up price alerts for future trips. Another perk is that you do not book with Skyscanner. So you will not encounter inaccurate prices or hidden fees, which is sometimes the case with Kayak.

    ✈️ Check Flights to Napa Valley here

    Car Rental

    Having a car is not 100% necessary when visiting Napa Valley. There are ways to get around Napa Valley, such as requesting shared cars or booking tours to visit the wineries. However, if you plan on staying for more than a night or two, I recommend renting a car.

    The wineries are not within walking distance from each other, and if you want to visit the different regions of Napa Valley, requesting shared cars can become a huge inconvenience.

    Another perk of renting a car is that you can explore many other nearby destinations in northern California. Some of our favorites are Half Moon Bay, Sausalito, Jack London Square, Monterey, and Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur.

    πŸš™  Book your car rental for Napa Valley here

    Booking a Private Driver for Airport Transfers

    If you don’t want the responsibility or extra cost of renting a car, another option that I highly recommend is booking a private driver. There are numerous different services that provide transportation to and from the airport. A personal favorite that I use for majority of our traveling is Booking.

    I love using Booking for airport transfers and scheduled transfers because it is super convenient, reliable, and easy to use. Also, Booking is great because they instantly give you a quote for the transfer. So it can also be a great baseline if you are contacting multiple companies for a transfer.

    πŸš— Book your private airport transfer to Napa Valley here

    Wine Tasting Tour From San Francisco

    Short on time? You can book a wine tasting tour that starts as soon as you touch down in northern California. There are numerous tours that depart from San Francisco and take you on a journey to wine country.

    This is the best option if you don’t have a lot of travel time and are planning on only spending a day in Napa.

    wine tasting tour in napa valley

    Private Wine Tour from San Francisco to Napa and Sonoma

    RATING: β­ 4.5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ Tour Length: 8 hours | BOOK NOW

    Booking a wine tour is like having your own personal designated driver. What I love about this tour is that you can customize your own wine tasting itinerary. They give a list of multiple fantastic wineries to choose from and you can plan to visit up to 5 wineries.

    visiting the golden gate bridge in San Francisco, California.

    Also included, is a bottle of wine and a cruise along the Golden Gate Bridge for a photo op. I suggest this tour for larger groups, they can accommodate up to 7 people. This price does not include your actual wine tastings.

    This was an excellent experience for us Kyle our driver was the absolute BEST!! So helpful!! Highly recommend this they helped us with picking the wineries and schedules! Great choice! Thank you for everything!” – Rebecca H. (read more reviews)

    🍷 You can book and find all of the details on this tour here

    Planning Your Trip to Napa Valley

    Planning an epic vacation to Napa Valley requires some planning and knowledge of the area. However, as a bay area local and Napa Valley frequent flyer, I am happy to share with you all of my tips!

    Where to start? If it’s your first or second time in Napa Valley, I have created the perfect guide to get you started.

    First Time to Napa Valley Ultimate Guide & Tips walks you through all of the steps in planning an incredible Napa Valley experience. You will learn how many wineries to book in a day, the top restaurants, what is the best time of year to visit, and more.

    picturesque views of Napa Valley at Domaine Carneros

    Find out How Many Days Do You Need in Napa Valley and where to stay during your vacation. Also, Is There Uber in Napa & How to Get Around Napa Valley.

    Shared cars may not be the best option for you in Napa Valley, but there are plenty of other ways to explore Napa. Such as by private car, Napa Valley wine train, trolley, a wine tasting tour, and bike tours.

    Lastly, you can learn about all of my favorite wineries in Napa Valley in my Day Trip to Napa: 6 Unique Itineraries. There are over 400 wineries in Napa Valley and it can be so overwhelming on deciding which ones to visit. In my guide, you will find out how to decide which wineries best suit you.

    In Conclusion: Closest Airport to Napa Valley Wineries

    As you now know, there are multiple different ways to get to Napa Valley. And that the closest airport to the Napa Valley wineries may not be the best option for you. Getting to Napa Valley requires a little extra planning, but once you arrive it is so worth it!

    I hope you enjoy your time wine tasting in beautiful Napa Valley! Don’t forget to check out my other Napa blog posts for valuable tips for planning your trip to wine country. Such as where to stay, eat, wine taste, how to get around Napa Valley, and more!