How Many Wineries Can You Visit in a Day in Napa 2023

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How many wineries can you visit in a day in Napa Valley? It is a very common question and concern many first-time visitors have when planning a trip to wine country. With more than 450 wineries in Napa Valley, I am sure you will want to see as much of Napa as possible, but what is too much to do in a day?

I live in the East Bay, and Napa Valley is truly one of my favorite places to visit in the Bay Area. My husband and I love bringing our friends and family to visit wine country because it is such a special and unique place that is only an hour and a half outside San Francisco.

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When deciding on your wine tastings, there are a couple of important factors you will need to take into consideration. Such as how many tastings should you book in one day, how long do you spend at each winery, and what is the travel time between the wineries.

In this post, I will answer these questions and provide other tips, like how to save money on wine tastings in Napa, and more. Let’s get started on planning your Napa Valley vacation!

How Many Wineries Can You Visit in a Day in Napa

To fully experience and enjoy each winery, you can visit two to three wineries in a day in Napa Valley. Two to three wine tastings in one day will allow you to take your time at each winery without rushing from one to the next.

The wineries in Napa Valley are typically open for tastings between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, and the last tasting they will do is around 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm. So it is key to get an early start on your day of wine tasting. I recommend starting off with some bubbles at Domaine Carneros or Domaine Chandon and eating a hearty breakfast.

Domaine Carneros in Napa Valley

How Many Tastings in One Day Napa: Why Only Two to Three

On some sites, I have noticed that they suggest planning for three to five wine tastings in a day. I would advise not booking more than three, and this is why. Besides being limited on time, drinking that much is not worth it.

I am impressed by those who can do it, but after three tastings, your wine will all start to taste the same. Trust me. The wine does start to add up quickly on your wine tastings. Also, many of the wineries will throw in an extra pour or two to welcome you. Or will pour you a taste of a wine you want to try.

And wine tastings are expensive! You don’t want to spend extra money on a wine tasting that you’re not really going to remember the next day.

My best advice is, if you want to keep drinking, buy a bottle and enjoy it at your hotel. Or head to downtown Napa, where the tasting rooms are open a little later and tend to be cheaper as well.

Can You Just Walk into the Wineries in Napa

You cannot just walk into the wineries in Napa Valley. They require a reservation in advance, and reservations are strictly enforced. Most wineries will allow a 15 minute grace period. However, after that, they will typically give up your reservation.

This is why I also recommend limiting it to only two to three wineries in a day. Any more than that, you will be rushing to your next wine tastings to make sure you do not miss your reservation. It kind of defeats the best part of Napa Valley, which is sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying yourself.

How Long Do You Spend at Each Winery

You should plan to spend an hour and a half at each winery, and with that in mind, book each wine tasting two hours apart. This will give you plenty of time to enjoy your wine tasting, walk around the winery, and buy bottles if you like. However, if you book a walking tour of some kind at the winery, you will need to factor that time in as well.

wine tastings in napa valley

Wineries have also put a time cap on their tastings. It will typically state it when you book, but they are usually around 90 minutes per group.

Tip: Most of the time, you will finish your wine tasting in under an hour. However, I would give yourself a little extra time, especially tasting with more than two people. When wine tasting with a group, it can be harder to get people up and mobilized to the next location.

How Much Travel Time is There Between the Wineries You Plan to Visit

Another thing to consider when planning your wine tastings is how much travel time there is between wineries. Napa Valley is larger than most people expect. There are highways and a one-lane road between the different towns in Napa Valley.

You will want to map out the wineries that you want to visit in advance and consider the amount of travel time between the tasting rooms. Some wineries are closer together, between a 10 to 15-minute drive. While others could be more than a 30-minute drive depending on weekend traffic.

How Much Are Wine Tastings in Napa Valley

The average wine tasting in Napa Valley will typically cost $35 to $50 per person. However, it is not unusual to see tastings that range between $75 to $100 or even more. If you do three tastings a day, it starts to add up. Some wineries will waive tasting fees if you purchase a couple of bottles or even more likely become a wine club member.

πŸ€‘ How to Save Money on Wine Tastings in Napa

As you have quickly noticed, a trip to wine country can get pretty expensive. Wine tastings alone can cost you over $100 per day, per person. So when there is an opportunity to save a little money, I feel like I have to share it!

Priority Wine Pass offers discounts at many of the participating wineries and experiences in Napa Valley. Including some of our favorites like Louis M. Martini, Beringer Winery, Hall Wines, V. Sautti, and Black Stallion to name a few.

How many wineries can you visit in a day in Napa

The pass is good for three days. However, after just one day of wine tasting, you will easily make that money back. 

Especially, if you take advantage of their 2 for 1 tasting. Whereat participating wineries, you can get one tasting for free with the Priority Wine Pass. Pretty amazing deal! So you and one other person would only need to purchase one wine pass for your trip to Napa.

They have a very long list of wine tasting deals. The only flaw to the Priority Wine Pass is that if there is a winery you want to visit that is not on the list. In that case, you would have to pay full price for your wine tasting. Other than that, it is a great way to save some extra money in Napa Valley! 

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Want to learn more about the Priority Wine Pass? Priority Wine Pass Is it Worth It 2023: All You Need to Know

Should You Book a Tour to Napa Valley

Another common question people ask when visiting wine country is, how do I get around Napa Valley? Uber is available in Napa Valley. However, I don’t always think it is the most reliable or best option.

wine tastings in napa valley

If you want to plan a full day of wine tastings at three wineries, booking a tour is the way to go when visiting Napa Valley. It allows everyone from your party to have fun and participate in the wine tasting without worrying about drinking and driving.

A tour is also a perfect if you are visiting Napa Valley as a day trip and want to do and see as much as possible in a limited amount of time. There are two tours that I recommend: Small-Group Wine-Tasting Tour or a Custom Private Napa Valley Tour

Small Group Wine Tasting Tour

On this Small Group Wine Tasting Tour, your guide will pick you up from your hotel and take you to three charming wineries and a picnic lunch in Napa Valley. Along the way, your guide will share about Napa Valley’s local history, culture, and wine making.

It is a small and personalized group of only eight people. On this tour, the company chooses the wineries and itinerary for you. This is a great option if you feel overwhelmed by the number of wineries in Napa and would prefer a wine tasting itinerary already made for you.

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Custom Private Napa Valley Tour

What I love about this tour is that you can customize your own itinerary to the wineries. Your knowledgeable tour guide will collect you from your accommodations and you will begin your 6 hour tour through gorgeous wine country!

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The Custom Private Napa Valley Tour is like having your own designated driver for the day, and it is the perfect option if you are traveling in a group of four. A private tour is an extra expense, but it is the safest option. Also, if you get the Priority Wine Pass and save a little money on your tastings, that can go towards hiring a driver.

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Tips for Planning Your Napa Valley Trip

If you are looking for more tips and guides to visiting Napa Valley, I’ve got you covered! You can check out all of my Napa Posts here, where I cover topics like How Many Days Do You Need in Napa Valley, Closest Airport to Napa Valley Wineries & Top Tips for Getting There, and much more!

Napa Valley is absolutely gorgeous to visit in the fall! October is bustling with events and festivals for Harvest Season and November is one of the best times to visit if you want a slower-paced experience with fewer crowds.

In Conclusion: How Many Wineries Can You Visit in a Day in Napa

In conclusion, when visiting the wineries in Napa Valley. It is best to schedule two to three wine tastings in a day. This way, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the wine, gorgeous landscape, and good company.

I hope you have liked my guide on, How many wineries can you visit in a day in Napa Valley and have found it helpful in planning your trip to Napa Valley!