Is There Uber in Amsterdam: How to Get Around Amsterdam 2024

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Are you planning a trip to Amsterdam and wondering is there Uber in Amsterdam?

And what is the best and fastest way to get to your hotel from the airport? If so, you have come to the right place.

My brother-in-law and family recently moved to Amsterdam and we went to visit them in their new home. Once my husband and I touched down at Schiphol Airport, we waited in a very long taxi line—a sight that, truthfully, I had never witnessed at an airport before.

However, I want to make sure that you do not make the same mistakes as we did. There are numerous options for transportation from the airport to Amsterdam city center, including Uber.

There is also another option similar to Uber that is quickly growing in popularity and size in Europe called Bolt.

In this guide, I will share with you our experiences of taking Uber in Amsterdam, insider tips on when Uber is not your best option, and an ultimate guide to getting from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam City Center.

Let’s dive in!

Tips to Getting Around Amsterdam
✅ YES! There is Uber available in Amsterdam & they are typically cheaper than taxis
🚎 Plan on taking public transit? Then the Amsterdam Travel Ticket is a must!
🚗 Bolt is a similar ridesharing company in Europe – compare prices with Uber before you book your drive

Uber in Amsterdam

Uber is available in Amsterdam and other cities in the Netherlands and provides a convenient alternative to traditional taxis. Especially when traveling to or from the airport.

Once you arrive in Amsterdam, you can open your already downloaded app and should easily be able to order an Uber to your desired destination.

Uber in Amsterdam also offers a variety of ride options including Economy and Premium vehicles. So depending on your budget and the number of people traveling with you, you shouldn’t have a problem ordering an Uber to meet your needs.

Uber has a good reputation in Amsterdam as well. There are lots of drivers, so you typically do not have to wait long for your car. Also, they are reliable, clean, and are usually cheaper than taking a taxi.

We had a positive experience using Uber during our stay in Amsterdam and Haarlem, especially when we booked our Uber in advance for our journey to the airport. We booked the ride the day before with no issues, and the price was relatively reasonable.

Tips on Ubering in Amsterdam

Here are some tips I have learned from Ubering in Amsterdam. If you are planning on Ubering from the airport, the Uber pickup spot at Schiphol Airport is across from exit B on the Arrival level.

To get there, follow the signs toward the trains and car rental agencies after leaving the baggage reclaim area and passing through customs. Follow to exit B by the car rental desk.

yes there is uber in amsterdam

Once you have arrived in the Netherlands, you do not need to make any alterations to your Uber app. Just make sure that the credit card linked to your app accepts international charges.

There are 7 services you can expect to find in Amsterdam:

  • UberX
  • Uber Comfort
  • UberPet
  • Uber Green
  • UberX Saver
  • Uber Van
  • Uber Black

Besides Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, you can access Uber in the Randstad area and the cities of Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Haarlem, and ‘t Gooi.

Also, if you have late night cravings or feeling too cozy to leave your hotel, you can order Uber Eats in Amsterdam as well.

How Much is Uber From Amsterdam Airport to City

The prices vary depending on the time of day, availability of cars, and what service you book. Uber prices fluctuate according to supply and demand.

However, an advantage of taking Uber that you do not get with a taxi is that you know how much it will cost in advance and can decide beforehand.

To get an idea of price, the average price for an Uber from the Schiphol airport to Amsterdam Central is UberX: €28-36, Uber Black: €50-60, and UberVAN: €49-64.

How Do You Get to Amsterdam From the Airport (Besides Uber)

Other then Uber, there are numerous other forms of transportation to get from the Schiphol Airport to the city of Amsterdam.

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

You can either try public transportation by hopping on the train or bus. Grab a taxi or Uber. Or you can book a private transfer from the airport to your accommodations in Amsterdam.

If you are traveling to Amsterdam for the first time, you may also not know about Bolt. It is similar to Uber and a very popular option all over Europe.


Bolt is an app where you can easily request drivers to drive you to your destination. It is basically Europes version of Uber. It is very popular in Amsterdam and Europe, and many have found Bolt to be cheaper than Uber. However, I suggest downloading both apps and comparing the prices before you book your drive.

In Amsterdam Bolt services that are available are: Bolt, Premieum, Comfort, XL & Pets.

Travel to Amsterdam By Train

The NS train station is located at Schiphol Airport below the terminal building. The trains run frequently throughout the day to Amsterdam Central Station, and NS station also provides night trains running once an hour between 2:00 am and 5:00 am.

If you book a direct train, you can get to Amsterdam Central Station in 14 to 17 minutes.

You can purchase your train tickets at either the Train tickets & Services desk or the yellow and blue Public Transport Tickets machines. The transport ticket machines accept credit cards or Euros.

Here you can find an updated train schedule and book your tickets in advance. One-way tickets to Amsterdam Central (known as Amsterdam Centraal or Amsterdam CS) cost €5.70 for standard 2nd class or €8.85 for 1st class.

Travel to Amsterdam By Bus

There is a bus station right outside of the airport at Schiphol Plaza. The Amsterdam Airport Express Bus 397 has the fastest and most direct connection to Amsterdam City Center by bus. 

The express bus departs every 10 minutes from bus platform B17. The bus stops at numerous main city locations like Stadionplein, Emmastraat, Museumplein, Rijksmuseum, Leidseplein, and more.

a bus traveling through the streets of Amsterdam

The bus trip is about 30 minutes to Amsterdam. During your trip, you will have access to Wifi, charging ports, and a display screen that allows you to easily follow along the bus route so you do not miss your stop.

Tickets can be purchased at the red Public Transport Service & Tickets minibus outside the airport near the hotel shuttle bus stops. Or you can book your Amsterdam Airport Express Bus ticket in advance here. This ticket also includes a return ticket to the airport that is valid for 14 days from first use.

Book the Amsterdam Airport Express Bus to & from Airport here

Amsterdam Travel Ticket

Save money during your time in Amsterdam and book an Amsterdam Travel Ticket. The Travel Ticket will be your city pass to public transportation in Amsterdam including all trams, buses, night buses, metros, and ferries run by the Amsterdam Transport company GVB.

If you plan on exploring Amsterdam and using public transportation the Amsterdam Travel Ticket will easily pay for itself and is 100% worth it. It offers unlimited rides during your stay in Amsterdam. You can purchase either a one day ticket to three a day ticket.

Book your Amsterdam Travel Ticket here

Travel to Amsterdam By Taxi

Traveling by taxi to Amsterdam is a popular choice for many travelers departing from Schiphol Airport because it’s easy to do and doesn’t require any planning in advance. However, is it your best option?

There is an official taxi stand outside the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. When we arrived at the taxi stand on a Thursday night at around 8:00 pm, I was shocked by the number of people in line to get a taxi. The line was enormous and by far one of the largest I have ever seen. There were attendants there who helped move the line along, but it still was a decent wait.

a busy taxi stand outside of Schiphol Airport Amsterdam

Depending on traffic and the location of your accommodation, an average taxi ride from Schiphol Airport to the city center is approximately 30 to 45 minutes. And the cost is between €45 to €60.

Our taxi driver allowed us to pay with credit. However, I do recommend having some euros on hand. During our trip, many of the taxi drivers requested us to pay in euros.

If we didn’t have enough cash for the trip, they would eventually agree to credit or ask us to use some cash and put the rest on credit. To avoid confusion and awkwardness, always have some euros just in case.

Book a Private Transfer to Amsterdam

To avoid the hassle and wasted time depending on public transportation, another option to get to Amsterdam from Schiphol Airport is by booking a private transfer.

A private transfer to Amsterdam is the perfect idea if you are traveling in a group or family, have a decent amount of luggage, and want a reliable form of transportation to get to your accommodations in Amsterdam.

Schiphol Airport Amsterdam

The best part about a private transfer is that they will be waiting and ready for you at the airport during the time of your arrival.

No stress with flight delays, your driver will be notified when you land and will welcome you at arrivals. Also, you will have security knowing that your driver will wait up to 90 minutes after your arrival time.

The transfer can fit up to 7 people per group and is a great option to avoid standing in the taxi line or waiting for your Uber to arrive.

Book your Private Schiphol Airport Transfer to Amsterdam here

Renting a Car in Amsterdam

If you are only planning on visiting Amsterdam and not any other locations in the Netherlands, I do not suggest renting a car. Amsterdam is a very walkable city that offers numerous options for affordable public transportation.

the beautiful canals in Amsterdam

Even the locals prefer biking in the city to driving. Amsterdam is known as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. Also, parking in the city can be very expensive and add up over time.

However, having a car can come in handy. Especially, if you are traveling with a family and want to explore more than just Amsterdam. Also, it could be the cheaper option and save you the hassle of public transportation.

If you are planning on having a car during your stay in the Netherlands, you can conveniently pick up your car rental at the Schiphol Airport or at a nearby location.

Book your car rental at Schiphol Airport here

How to Get Around Amsterdam

You have finally made it to the city and are ready to start exploring Amsterdam. Luckily, Amsterdam offers a lot of unique and diverse transportation options to get around the city. Whether you’re biking along a canal or hopping onto a tram, the city’s waiting for you to uncover its gems.

Here are some of my tips to best navigate the city during your stay in Amsterdam.

Tip: Remember the Amsterdam Travel Ticket can be a game changer if you plan on using public transportation in Amsterdam. It will simplify your travel experience while helping you save money $$.

Embrace the Bicycle Culture

Amsterdam is commonly known as the “Bicycle Capital of the World.” The moment you arrive there it becomes very obvious everyone owns a bike (or multiple bikes) in Amsterdam. There are actually more bikes in Amsterdam than people!

numerous bikes lined up along the street in Amsterdam

So when in Amsterdam, do as the Amsterdammers do and get a bike. It’s the easiest and most fun way to get around. There are several bike rentals throughout the city where you can get a day rental or longer.

Or if you just want a taste of the bike culture in Amsterdam you can do a tour and visit all of Amsterdam’s must-see sights.

🚴‍♂️ Check rates & availability of the Guided bike Tour Around Amsterdam here

Take the Tram

Amsterdam’s tram system is awesome and very efficient. It’ll get you pretty much anywhere you want in the city.

Buses and Metro

You will typically opt for taking the bus when you’re heading somewhere the trams don’t cover, or if you’re staying a bit outside the city center. Buses also come in handy late at night when trams are not operating.

The metro is ideal for longer distances because it can get you to the outer suburbs of Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Metro includes access to 5 lines and 39 stations. 


The main way that we got around Amsterdam was by our own two feet. Amsterdam is a compact city that is super walkable.

walking the bustling streets of Amsterdam

You can explore solo or join a local walking tour, either way, you’ll stumble upon some great spots just by wandering around.

Taxi’s, Uber, & Bolt

Sometimes, you just don’t want to deal with public transport, which is great that Taxi’s and Uber are both available options to get around Amsterdam. Taxis are everywhere, but they can be pricey.

Amsterdams FREE Ferries

One of the best things you can do in Amsterdam is sail the iconic canals. There are many guided tours offered to learn more about the canals (which I highly suggest you do), but you can also jump on a FREE ferry ride behind Amsterdam Central Station.

The free ferries transport people, bicycles, and mopeds from Amsterdam to Noord and back. The public ferry has four lines and twenty stops.

When is Uber Not the Best Option

However, there are times during your travels through the Netherlands when I would not recommend taking Uber.

One would be if you are traveling outside any of the major cities listed above. Uber is not popular or available in the smaller cities outside of Amsterdam.

is there uber in amsterdam

Another would be wait times. You can only book an Uber when there are Ubers available. The Schiphol Airport is notoriously known as being an overcrowded and busy airport. Depending on the time of day you are traveling, you may experience long wait times when waiting for your Uber.

If you are traveling with a large group or as a family with young children, you can avoid the stress of public transportation or wait for an Uber by booking a private transfer to Amsterdam in advance.

Lastly, Uber is not your cheapest option for transportation to the city center. If you are looking to spend less then I suggest buying an Amsterdam Travel Ticket where you can take unlimited rides on Amsterdam’s public transportation. Including trams, buses, night buses, metros, and ferries.

FAQ: Uber in Amsterdam

Are Taxis Cheaper Than Uber in Amsterdam

Taxi fares are typically more expensive than Uber in Amsterdam. Taxis in the Netherlands are considered costly, and Amsterdam’s taxi fares are among the highest in Europe. Uber is known for being cheaper. However, their rates fluctuate with the time of day, weather, and availability of cars.

Your cheapest and fastest option from Schiphol Airport to the Amsterdam City Center would be to ride public transportation either by bus or train.

Are Ubers Reliable in Amsterdam

Ubers are reliable and a safe option for transportation in Amsterdam. Uber was released in the Netherlands in 2012 and now covers more than five cities.

A ride with Uber is typically cheaper than taking a taxi and it is a great way to get you from point A to point B when you don’t want the hassle of public transportation.

Does Uber Pick Up at Amsterdam Airport

Yes, Uber is available at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Your Uber pickup is across from exit B on the Arrival level. 

To get there, follow the signs toward the trains and car rental agencies after leaving the baggage reclaim area and passing through customs. Follow to exit B by the car rental desk.

In Conclusion: Is There Uber in Amsterdam 2024

Now you know, there is Uber in Amsterdam and it is a reliable option to get to or from the airport and around the city.  

However, I hope this guide has shown you other helpful ways to get around Amsterdam that are not Uber.

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