7 Top Things To Do In Gold Beach, Oregon

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Have you ever been driving down the road in a new town and had to pull over your car to stop and soak in the view? That is Gold Beach, Oregon. Explore the 7 top things to do in Gold Beach, for an adventurous day trip, unplugged weekend, or road trip along the Oregon coast. Whatever you decide to do on your Gold Beach vacation, I promise that you will be blown away by Oregon’s captivating beauty. 

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    Beautiful Gold Beach. Oregon at sunset

    Top Things To Do In Gold Beach, Oregon 

    1. Point Pistol River State Scenic View Point

    Address: U.S. 101, Gold Beach, OR 97444 
    Level of difficulty: Easy 
    Dog-Friendly Hike

    Pistol River State Park in Gold Beach, Oregon

    It is a unique experience to drive up to a beach in Oregon and find great sand dunes. The smooth dunes and tufts of grass stretch as far as you can see along the Oregon coast. Follow one of the many pathways to the ocean or make your own by climbing the dunes for a beautiful view. 

    Pistol River State Park in Gold Beach, Oregon

    The Pistol River runs through the dunes and empties into the Pacific Ocean. The river’s course changes frequently and creates shallow ponds of water in various areas of the beach. Pistol River State Park is dog-friendly. Our Golden Retriever loved hopping the dunes and running through the river ponds. 

    2. Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor 

    Address: Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor, Gold Beach, OR 97444 
    Level of difficulty: Moderate, 3.8 miles there and back 
    Dog-friendly hike  

    Entry to Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor in Gold Beach

    If you plan on doing any hiking in Gold Beach, Oregon, you should put Cape Sebastian State Park at the top of your list of things to do. It is a little more challenging than the others, but the trail and views are spectacular. 

    Cape Sebastian, as said in its name, sits on a cape on the Oregon coastline. The parking lot alone provides stunning panoramic views of the ocean. The hike begins at an inviting entrance of evergreen trees that are lining both sides of the trail. The woody smell of the outdoors surrounds you as you enter the deep lush forest. Make your way down a series of switchbacks that take you to the lower level of the cape.

    Rugged rocks at Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor in Oregon

    Cape Sebastian’s Secret Cove 

    On your way to the bottom, the trail opens up to the rugged coastline. The bluff sits above beautiful eroded rock formations and ocean pools of deep crashing waves. Continue on the trail until you have finally arrived at the secret beach at Hunters Cove. 

    3. Hunters Cove  

    Address: Oregon Coast Highway Gold Beach, OR 97444 
    Level of difficulty: Easy 
    Dog-friendly hike & beach

    Hunters Cove in Gold Beach, Oregon

    There are two ways you can get to Hunters Cove. Either from the Cape Sebastian trail or by a parking turnout on Highway 1 about one mile away. To arrive at Hunters Cave by Cape Sebastian, which is what we did, you have to walk down a rocky and steep dirt slope. There is a secured rope there for support to assist you with climbing up and down the hill. 

    Since Hunters Cove is not the easiest to get to we had the entire beach to ourselves, which was incredible. Be sure to visit during low tide so you can venture on the beach and explore the tidal pools. Discover the home of numerous bright and colorful starfish, sea urchins, and sea anemones. 

    Starfish at Hunters Cove
    Hunters Cove in Gold Beach, Oregon

    Remember that descending hike you just did on the Cape Sebastian trail? Well, it is time to work up a sweat and climb up the trail to the Cape Sebastian State Park trailhead. 

    4. Jet Boat Ride 

    A jet boat ride is probably the most touristy thing you can do during your stay in Gold Beach. However, who doesn’t enjoy being a tourist at times? Experience the Rogue River by Jet Boat! Numerous local companies will take you out for a unique and wild adventure on the rapids of the Rogue River. 

    Jet Boat season is between May to October each year. It is a popular activity in Gold Beach, so reservations are recommended. You can find more about booking a Jet Boat excursion with a local company here 

    5. Kissing Rock 

    Address: 28250-28316 Oregon Coast Hwy, Gold Beach, OR 97444 
    Level of Difficulty: Easy 
    Dog-Friendly Beach

    Kissing Rock at Gold Beach, Oregon

    Kissing Rock is one of the first things you see when you enter Gold Beach from the south. It is conveniently located right off Highway 101, where there is a pull-off to park your car. Kissing Rock is located on a long stretch of a black and rocky beach. To be honest, I thought with the name kissing rock, I expected there to be two rocks kissing or at least a romantic hideaway to take your loved one. It’s not and I can’t tell you why it’s called kissing rock either. However, I can tell you that it is the ideal location to stretch your legs after a long road trip, walk with your morning coffee, or lay a blanket down to watch the sunset. On the beach, you can also find where Hunter Creek enters the pacific ocean, tons of driftwood, and lots of rocks.

    6. Spinners Seafood and Steak Shop

    Address: 29430 Ellensburg Ave, Gold Beach, OR 97444

    Spinners Restaurant is a local and visitor’s favorite in Gold Beach, Oregon! We knew we choose the right place for dinner when it was 7 pm on a Monday and the parking lot was bustling with people entering and leaving the restaurant. I got their crab cakes and they were delicious. Gold Beach is well known for its seafood, in particular Salmon. You can not visit the Oregon coast and not order some fresh seafood from Spinners Seafood and Steak Shop! 

     7. Arch Rock Brewing Company

    Address: 28779 Hunter Creek Road, Gold Beach, OR 97444 

    What better way to end a long and active day than with a crisp beer? Arch Rock Brewing Company is a local brewery in Gold Beach that offers beer to go in a growler.

    Before our visit, we did not realize that Arch Rock is a small microbrewery that offers more of a to-go service than a bar. They have three beers to choose from and a small tasting room.

    It was a little sketchy on the outside and not exactly the type of brewery I was picturing when we arrived. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Arch Rock Brewing Company is well known in town for having great beer, friendly service, and is the perfect little find in Gold Beach, Oregon. 

    Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor in Gold Beach

    Everything You Need To Know: Gold Beach, Oregon 

    Before we get started with the fun stuff, I would like to tell you a little about Gold Beach. A small coastal town, Gold Beach, may not be as frequently visited as some of Oregon’s other cities and national parks. However, it is the perfect location when you want to disconnect from your busy life and really enjoy your surroundings.

    Gold Beach, Oregon, is well known for being “Where the Rogue River meets the Pacific Ocean.” Nestled between the Pacific coast, the Rogue River, and Oregon’s lush forest, Gold Beach offers countless outdoor activities for any traveler to enjoy. 

    Weather in Gold Beach, Oregon

    You can’t go wrong visiting Gold Beach any time of year, the temperatures rarely exceed 74 degrees or drop below 37 degrees Fahrenheit. The summers in Gold Beach are pretty comfortable and a great location to escape the summer heat with temperatures averaging in the ’70s. The warm weather and dry days typically last over the fall season until mid to late November.

    If you are traveling to Gold Beach in the wintertime, be prepared for some storm watching! Pack your rain boots and a waterproof jacket, you are going to want to observe the massive waves during a rainstorm on the Oregon coast. What follows all of that rain, is a beautiful spring in Oregon with wildflowers and a lush forest.

    Where to Stay in Gold beach, oregon

    There are many accommodations to choose from when staying in Gold Beach, Oregon. When booking a hotel or house I am always a sucker for a view and a unique stay. Check out these three lodging options in Gold Beach, Oregon, where you will have an incredible stay with a gorgeous view of the coast or lush Oregon forest.

    Taylor Creek Lodge

    Why Stay Here: The Taylor Creek Lodge is in the forest where you will be surrounded by nature, but still only a few miles from town. They offer a hiking trail with a beautiful waterfall on their 35 acres of property, a fitness center, breakfast, sauna, hot tub, nightly campfires, and so much more. They are also dog friendly

    Book your stay at Taylor Creek Lodge here

    The River View House

    Why Stay Here: Book The River View House on just the views alone! Enjoy your morning coffee with gorgeous sea views from the deck. With a bedroom and a sofabed, it is the perfect lodging for a family or a couple.

    Book your stay at The River View House here


    Why Stay Here: This is where we stayed during our 5-day road trip along the Southern Oregon coast. I booked this accommodation for its views, location, and it is dog friendly! The Marbella is a house located only 250 feet from Gold Beach, you can catch views from your deck or take a morning walk along the beach only steps away.

    With 3 bedrooms, there’s plenty of space for a family or group. They also have an outdoor hot tub and a fully functioning kitchen with everything you could possibly need for your stay.

    Book your stay at Marbella here

    Why Should You Stay In Gold Beach, Oregon

    Gold Beach resides on the beautiful coast of southern Oregon. If you are planning a vacation or road trip to the Oregon coast, Gold Beach is the perfect location to have as your home base.

    There is plenty to do and see in Gold Beach to keep you busy and satisfied. Also, it is conveniently located between other popular coastal towns, such as Brookings, Oregon, and is only 40 miles away from California. 

    Are The Beaches Gold in Gold Beach? 

    Surprisingly not. That is the first thing I thought of when I started researching our road trip to southern Oregon. Instead, most of the beaches in Gold Beach are a wide span of sandy and ash-colored black.

    Once known as Ellensburg, the town was renamed Gold Beach when miners found gold in the beach near the mouth of the Rogue River. Gold cannot be discovered on the beaches today, but the name has stuck with the town over the last 150 years. 

    Traveling to the Oregon coast? Check out this 5-day road trip and explore the breathtaking waterfalls, rugged dunes, evergreen forests, and volcanic black sand beaches along the southern Oregon Coast

    Where to Next On The Southern Oregon Coast?

    We really enjoyed our time visiting and exploring the 7 top things to do in Gold Beach, Oregon. Depending on your travel plans, you can split this day up and pair it along with Brookings, Oregon.

    Brookings is a small coastal town as well and offers incredible hikes. It is located only 30 minutes from Gold Beach. I discuss Brookings and other destinations in my southern Oregon coast 5-day road trip post. Check it out to plan your next vacation or road trip to Oregon!