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Dog-Friendly Travel

Who else loves taking their dog with them on vacation? This California pup is our 3-year-old English Golden named Cash. He likes to go by Sir Cash. We love bringing him along on our travels as much as we can.

Why We Travel With Our Dog

  1. Saves money over boarding them at a kennel or sitter
  2. You don’t have guilt about leaving them behind (a big one for me)
  3. A dog always adds excitement and joy to your trip
  4. Makes for one happy pup

6 Essential Items For Your Dogs 🐾 First Aid Kit

Every dog owner should be prepared with these 6 must-have items when traveling with their pup

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    Incredible places to Visit in California That You Do Not Want to Miss Out On!

    Planning to take your dog with you on a hike, road trip, or local adventure does require some extra planning and flexibility. You may not be able to stay at your first or second choice of lodging. However, there are ways around this and the end result is so worth it.

    When planning a vacation with our dog, I have found it difficult to find itineraries that relate to our style of travel. If we are visiting a location we want to see and do as much as we can. I don’t believe that you should be limited because you are traveling with your dog.

    Hiking white water preserve canyon Loop Trail

    Also, a lot of the dog-friendly itineraries I come across are outdated. So for all of you dog moms and dog dads out there, I have created this space here to provide that valuable and time-saving information for you.

    I look forward to sharing unique California dog-friendly itineraries and locations to add to your bucket list. Such as traveling to a national park with your dog, 9-hour road trips, or the best hiking spots in northern California. Find out our travel tips and must-haves when traveling with the pup.