Priority Wine Pass Is It Worth It 2023: All You Need to Know

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As you are planning your epic getaway to wine country, you may have come across the Priority Wine Pass. It is the popular wine pass that saves you money while wine tasting.

However, is it too good to be true? Is the Priority Wine Pass Worth it?

Well, I am here to tell you that the Priority Wine Pass is worth it, and you should grab one for your next trip to wine country.

walking in vineyards in napa valley

I moved to the Bay Area seven years ago, and since then, I have been a little obsessed with wine tasting. We frequently visit the nearby wine regions including Napa Valley, Sonoma, Paso Robles, Livermore, and Monterey.

So in a nutshell. I have a lot of experience tasting wine in the California region.

In this post, I am excited to share with you all of the details about the Priority Wine Pass. Such as my favorite wine tasting deals, how the 2 for 1 tastings work, and when the Priority Wine Pass may not be worth it for you.

Priority Wine Pass: Is it Worth It?

Absolutely, the Priority Wine Pass is worth it! With its famous 2 for 1 wine tasting deals where you only need one pass per couple and many other discounts at participating wineries, it is the best way to save money on wine tasting.

For example, the average cost for a basic wine tasting in Napa Valley is $40 per person. And the price tag goes up from there to $100 or more, depending on the winery and tour.

get 2 for 1 tastings with the priority wine pass

If you visit 3 wineries a day and spend two days in Napa Valley, you are looking at least spending $240 on just wine tastings per person. So you can see how a weekend of wine tasting easily adds up fast.

That is why the Priority Wine Pass is such an incredible deal because with it you can access discounts at the wineries, but also get deals on accommodations, experiences, transportation, and much more.

Whether you are a seasoned Napa Valley regular or visiting for only a day or weekend, the Priority Wine Pass pays for itself.

Priority Wine Pass: When it May Not Be Worth It

The only con I see to saving money with the Priority Wine Pass is if a winery you want to visit is not on their list. I get it, we all have our favorites.

However, they are partnered with a ton of wineries and tours, well over 100 in Napa & Sonoma alone.

four glasses of rose in napa valley

They may not have a winery you want to visit on their list right now, but it can expose you to many other amazing wineries that you may never have heard of and otherwise would not have visited along the west coast.

Also, you can still visit wineries that are not on Priority Wine Pass list. Even if you use Priority Wine Pass for only half of your tastings, you will still end up saving money.

What is the Priority Wine Pass

The Priority Wine Pass is your ticket to discounts and perks at participating wineries on the West Coast. It is not just for Napa Valley too. The pass covers a wide range of wineries in different regions.

Paso Robles Itinerary: Where to wine taste, Eat, Stay & More

Including other popular wine tasting destinations like Sonoma, Livermore, Paso Robles, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Santa Cruz, Ventura, Oregon, Washington, and more.

What Other Napa Deals Can I Get With the Wine Pass?

The 2 for 1 tasting deal is what the Priority Wine Pass is most known for. However, with the pass, you can enjoy various other benefits and discounts as well:

  • Free wine tastings at participating wineries (Yes, totally FREE for members)
  • Customized tasting itineraries
  • Deals on accommodations, and transportation services, with partnered local businesses
  • Discounted bike tours & on the Napa Wine Train
  • Percentage off of wine purchases and comped reserve tastings at participating wineries
  • Complimentary winery tours at participating wineries

What I think is one of their best deals you can get with the Priority Wine Pass is the FREE concierge service they offer. With their concierge service, you can request a customized tasting itinerary!

The amount of wineries in Napa Valley is overwhelming, and this can really help you narrow down what wineries you want to book your tastings at.

The concierge’s work on putting a 3 day wine tour together was outstanding. Quick and very detailed response. Highly recommend! – Daniel S.

How Do the 2 for 1 Tastings Work

You can’t beat the 2 for 1 tastings that are offered with the Priority Wine Pass! It is an amazing deal.

wine tasting with the priority wine pass in napa valley

You buy one tasting and get the second free, so that you can get away with 1 pass per couple. Just make sure to check the website or app before your trip to see which participating wineries offer the 2 for 1 tastings.

How Much is the Priority Wine Pass

Hopefully, I have gotten your attention about this tasting passport for wine country. You may be wondering now, how much is the Priority Wine Pass? It is $59.99 per pass for a year.

However, my readers get the Wine Pass at a discounted rate. If you use the TTWT code you can snag the wine pass at $39.99!

That’s 365 days of discounted tastings at multiple wine regions across the west coast. Once you buy the pass you get immediate access to all of the wine tasting deals!

βœ… You can grab your Priority Wine Pass here

Best Deal if You are Tasting in a Group

Not a lot of people know about this, but there is a really awesome package that I think you should take advantage of. Especially, if you are planning on buying more than one Priority Wine Pass. It is the Petit Verdot Package.

The Petit Verdot Package 🍷

Included with the Petit Verdot Package you get:

  • 750ml bottle of the 2015 Tolosa 1772 Petit Verdot
  • Two priority wine pass gift cards (redeemed for 1-year wine passes)

I know this is an incredible deal because this bottle of wine is usually priced at $68, and two year passes even with the discount will cost $80.

So if you are already planning on getting two wine passes (at $39.99 each), then basically for additional $20 you are also getting a really nice bottle of wine! It’s also a great idea as a gift!

glasses of red wine cheersing

The Petit Verdot is a red wine grape variety primarily used as a blending grape in traditional Bordeaux-style blends. So it is very unique to see the Petit Verdot featured on its own. This specific bottle comes from the 2015 harvest in South East Paso Robles. 

βœ… You can read more about the Petit Verdot Package here

Which Wineries Accept the Priority Wine Pass

There are 400 + wineries who accept the Priority Wine Pass in California, Washington, & Oregon. And over 100 wineries and discounted experiences in Napa & Sonoma.

you can go wine tasting at Beringer Winery with the priority wine pass

🍷 Some of my favorite deals in Napa Valley are:

  • Beringer Winery: 2 for 1 “sip & stroll” around the beautiful grounds of Beringer Winery. the longest continuously operating winery in Napa Valley
  • Louis M. Martini Winery: 2 for 1 tasting at Louis M. Martini Winery, a $55 saving! Love the wine here, great spot especially if enjoy red wine.
  • V.Sattui Winery: 50% off for one tasting per wine pass. One of our favorite wineries to visit, they have an awesome onsite market and deli. It’s perfect for grabbing a bite to eat
  • Bouchaine Vineyards: Discount on VIP terrace tasting for 2 with the wine pass. A perfect family and pet friendly winery. Also, a great spot to have a picnic.
  • Charles Krug Winery: 1 Estate Tasting fee waived for every $100 wine purchase. Charles Krug is the oldest winery in Napa Valley, established in 1861.
  • Boeschen Vineyards: With a 6 bottle red wine purchase receive 4 Complimentary Tastings with a tour of the underground winery and Cave, Victorian gardens, and classic car collection

βœ… There are so many other amazing deals that you need to check out for yourself!

Priority Wine Pass vs. Other Wine Passes

You may have heard of other wine passes or passports in Napa Valley, but from what I have seen the other wine passes do not have as long of a list of participating wineries. Also, they do not offer the same additional member benefits and free concierge service

Or you need to buy a wine pass for each specific region in Napa Valley, which doesn’t make any sense and will limit you to one area of Napa Valley.

Priority Wine Pass Reviews

Don’t go to Napa without a Priority Wine Pass. Great value, excellent service, perfect partner wineries – Gayle K.

The wine pass was fantastic! We went to wineries on the pass list which we would have not discovered without the pass. We also had a fantastic dinner on the list and saved $70 at the restaurant. We saved about $300 with the wine pass on our 4 day trip and still looking forward to using it. – Sophie M.

What to Do With That Money You Saved with Priority Wine Pass

Since you are saving money with the Priority Wine Pass, don’t forget to treat yourself to something special in Napa Valley. Put that extra cash towards a romantic dinner, a private driver or small group tour, or get pampered at a luxury hotel.

For more wine country planning tips, I have guides on just about everything in Napa Valley. From how many days you should spend in wine country, to how to get around Napa Valley, day trip itineraries, and much more.

In Conclusion: Priority Wine Pass is it Worth it?

In my opinion, the Priority Wine Pass is a no brainer and 100% worth it. And the best part is, there’s no catch! Everything is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is show your wine pass at participating wineries and you are good to go!

You can get your wine pass here, and don’t forget to use the code TTWT to get $20 off!