Top 10 Things To Do In Beatty, NV: Including a Ghost Town!

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Discover 10 unique and fascinating things to do in Beatty, NV, including the famous ghost town, Rhyolite Ghost Town. This small town offers plenty of exciting local attractions that will keep you intrigued and wanting to explore more.

Beatty Nevada Gateway to Death Valley

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    The Town of Beatty, NV

    Have you heard of Beatty, Nevada before? To tell you the truth, we have not. It was our recent visit to Death Valley National Park that I first became familiar with Beatty. However, that is the beautiful thing about travel. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to learn and explore new areas of this extraordinary country.

    Beatty sits in the Oasis Valley in southern Nevada, nestled between the Amargosa River and rugged rust-colored mountains. The town of Beatty is 115 miles north of Las Vegas. Beatty is a small town through and through with a population of only about 1,000 people.

    It is a historic desert town founded on mining. Though a small rural town, Beatty is very accustomed to travelers. Death Valley attracts people from all around the world. We found all of the locals to be very welcoming to the everchanging Death Valley crowd.

    10 Top Things To Do in Beatty, Nevada

    In this guide of top things to do in Beatty, NV, you will find the best places to eat, tips on lodging, and what makes this small town so special.

    1. Gateway to Death Valley

    7 miles away from the entrance of Death Valley

    The number one thing to do in Beatty, NV, is to visit Death Valley, National Park. Beatty, Nevada, is most often referred to as the “Gateway to Death Valley.” Death Valley is a one-of-a-kind destination and should be at the top of many bucket lists.

    If you are looking for accommodations outside of Death Valley National Park, Beatty, Nevada may be the perfect option for you. Beatty makes for a great home base when you are visiting Death Valley. You will also save money by staying in Beatty because of cheaper hotel prices.

    Also, Beatty is very dog-friendly and most of the hotels allow dogs. If you plan on bringing your dog to Death Valley with you, inside the national park there is only one hotel that allows pets.

    Badwater basin death valley at sunset

    Know Before You Go: Even though Death Valley is only 7 miles from the entrance of Death Valley, be aware when planning to add additional time to get to the top location in the national park. For example, it took us about 45 minutes to an hour to get to Zabriskie Point.

    2. Rhyolite Ghost Town:

    4 miles from Beatty
    DEATH VALLEY, CA 92328

    Beatty Nevada, town to stay in close to Death Valley

    One of our favorite things to do in Beatty, NV was the visit the Rhyolite ghost town! The town of Rhyolite was built in 1904 when gold was struck nearby in the Bullfrog Mountains. Many flocked to this destination and a large mining town developed over the next couple of years.

    They built banks, railroads, newspapers, a school, and many saloons. However, when the production of gold declined, mine closures began, and the town of Rhyolite started to close only a few years later.

    By 1919, it was a deserted ghost town. Today, the Rhyolite Ghost Town attracts many visitors to see the remaining remnants of this town from over a century ago.  

    The ghost town sits on the outskirts of Beatty, only a quick drive away. There is a paved road that you can pull off of and explore this abandoned town of Rhyolite on foot. It is one of the more popular things to do in Beatty, Nevada. 

    3. Goldwell Open Air Museum

    4 miles from Beatty
    1 Golden Street
    Beatty, NV 89003

    Goldwell Open Air Museum: Best things to do Beatty

    Another top thing to do in Beatty, NV, is to visit the Goldwell Open Air Museum. Located right next to Rhyolite, you can find an open museum of 7 large outdoor sculptures located on 7.8 acres of open desert.

    The sculptures came from a group of Belgian artists, led by Albert Szukalski. It is an appealing and quirky exhibit, especially the rendition of the “Last Supper” as ghosts.

    The best part about Goldwell is it is free! Goldwell Open Air Museum is a quick and easy stop in Beatty, the best way to see it would be right after you visit the Rhyolite Ghost Town.

    4. Tom Kelly’s Bottle house

    4 miles from Beatty
    Beatty, NV 89003

    Tom Kelly's Bottle house at Rhyolite ghost town

    Tom Kelly’s Bottle house exhibit is also near Goldwell Museum and Rhyolite Ghost Town. If you cannot tell from the picture, it is a house built entirely out of beer bottles and adobe mud. 51,000 bottles to be exact!

    The famous Bottle House was built in 1905 by a resident of Rholite, Tom Kelly. Throughout the years and many earthquakes, Tom Kelly’s Bottle House roof needed repairs, but most of the original structure is still standing today.

    5. Death Valley Nut & Candy

    900 US-95,
    Beatty, NV 89003

    Death Valley Nut & Candy Store in Beatty Nevada

    One of my favorite things to do in Beatty, NV, was to visit the Death Valley Nut & Candy store! We spent way too much time and money here, but how often do you get to visit the largest candy store in Nevada?

    Death Valley Nut & Candy had everything you could possibly think of. Even old favorites of mine that I have not seen on shelves in over a decade. There are aisles and aisles of chocolate, gummies, taffy, and nuts for you to choose from.

    Also, inside the Death Valley Nut & Candy, there is an ice cream stand, a café, and some of the best jerky I have ever had. It was the perfect stop for stocking up on our road trip snacks.

    Be aware… There is no way you can leave this place without buying something.

    6. Stagecoach Hotel & Casino

    900 US-95,
    Beatty, NV 89003

    Test your luck at Stagecoach Hotel’s casino. When you are traveling through Nevada, there is almost always an option to do some gambling.

    Not exactly Las Vegas, but Stagecoach has the largest casino in Beatty, Nevada, with some slots and poker tables. They also offer a pool and 24-hour restaurants for you to grab something to eat.

    7. Eat at One of the Many Beatty, NV, Restaurants

    I was very impressed by the selection of restaurants in Beatty. We enjoyed all of our meals throughout our stay here. Each restaurant was unique and individually run by Beatty locals.

    Smokin’ J’s Barbecue

    Beatty, NV, Restaurants

    Hits the spot after a long day of exploring in Death Valley. Smokin’ J’s is not shy when it comes to portion size. Arrive hungry and ready to try a little bit of everything from their large selection of meats.

    Sourdough Saloon

    A definite must to at least stop by for a drink at their bar. Sourdough Saloon is famously known for having dollar bills tacked to the walls and ceiling.

    This bar is the home to 100 beers on the wall, literally. They have a massive selection of beers. If you find yourself hungry, they have a very standard pub menu.

    Sourdough Saloon, best restaurants in Beatty, Nevada

    Happy Burro Chili & Beer

    We tried three separate times to get a taste of Happy Burro’s award-winning chili. Each time we went, they were sold out, or it was at opening time, and the chili was not quite ready yet.

    It is a small menu, do not expect to get anything else besides chili or a hotdog. Inside, you can find fun and eccentric décor covering the walls of the bar. And they even had the Christmas Story lamp, always a favorite in our house.

    Know Before You Go: In October, they have their annual chili cook-off at the Beatty Day Festival.

    Gema’s Cafe

    Craving Mexican food during your stay in Beatty? Gema’s Cafe is the spot for you! Gema’s Cafe offers American comfort food classics with a Hispanic twist.

    Mel’s Diner

    The go-to restaurant for breakfast in Beatty, NV. Mel’s is a retro-style diner that serves traditional American favorites. They are only open during the day for breakfast and brunch.

    8. Angels Ladies

    There is a famous and well-known billboard off the side of Highway 95. The billboard marks the entrance of Angels Ladies, which use to be a brothel house in Beatty, Nevada.

    Next to the Angels Ladies billboard, you will also find an airplane wreckage. There is of course a story behind this abandoned airplane.

    In 1978, the owner of the Angel’s Ladies brothel had a promotional idea. He wanted to place a mattress within a star in the parking lot. The contest was, that if any jumper could land from the airplane on the mattress, they would win a night with the lady of his choice.

    Clearly, things did not go as planned, and there was a plane crash. Luckily, nobody was injured, but I find it unusual that the plane wreck is still there 40 years later.

    Angels Ladies abandoned plane in Beatty, Nevada
    Angels Ladies billboard, beatty nevada

    Know Before You Go: I do not think this is a must-see site during your stay in Beatty. We had some extra time to kill, and I was very intrigued about a plane wreck on the side of Highway 95.

    If you decide to make the stop, you do not need to spend a lot of time here, only to hop out of your car for some photos.

    9. Burrow Sightings

    A fun fact about Beatty, Nevada, is its home to numerous wild Burros, which is Spanish for Donkey. I did not know that wild Burros existed until we saw a donkey crossing sign when we were there.

    The Burros were brought to Nevada to help assist miners but were left behind when the mines closed. Today it is common to see these herds of Burros in Beatty. They are also known to be very friendly!

    Wild Burrows in Beatty, Nevada

    10. Beatty Museum & Historical Society

    Get a little taste of Beatty’s local history by visiting the town’s free museum. The museum is located in a historical church on Main street, which is the road that runs through Beatty. It is a small museum but provides an opportunity to learn more about Rhyolite and its mining history. 

    Lodging in Beatty, Nevada

    Ideally, if you are visiting Death Valley, you would want to stay in the park because it eliminates the extra driving time. However, Beatty can be a great option to stay in if you want to save money on lodging and gas prices.

    Also, for the travelers who are only making a day trip to Death Valley from Las Vegas. The distance from Las Vegas to Beatty, NV, is 1 hr 45 min (117.3 mi) via US-95 N. A night in Beatty is a way to get some needed sleep, and you can explore local sights the next day.

    When staying in Beatty, your options for lodging are 2-star motels, so I would not expect to find the Four Seasons here. Most of the motels are dog-friendly. There are a couple of options for RV parks in Beatty as well.   

    Beatty, NV Hotels: Where to Stay

    To find updated prices, reviews, and availability on lodging in Beatty, Nevada, you can go here.

    • Death Valley Inn
    • El Portal Motel: Across the street from Beatty Museum 
    • Motel 6
    • Exchange Club Hotel
    • Atomic Inn: closest to the entrance of Death Valley National Park 
    • Stagecoach Hotel & Casino 

    Pros & Cons of Visiting Beatty, Nevada

    Pros to Visiting Beatty Nevada

    For a town in the middle of the desert, there were numerous activities and things to do in Beatty, Nevada. Another pro for staying in Beatty was saving money on gas to fuel up our car for Death Valley. There are only two gas stations in the national park. Both are very expensive. 

    Beatty prides itself on being a dog-friendly town. Most of the hotels and restaurants with outdoor dining are dog-friendly.

    If you are planning on bringing your furry best friend with you on your Death Valley adventure, I have a dog-friendly guide for you. It provides tips and tricks on visiting all of the must-see locations in Death National Park, even the ones that are not dog-friendly! Taking Your Dog to Death Valley National Park: Is it Worth it?

    Cons to Visiting Beatty, Nevada 

    I would not recommend Beatty, Nevada, as a location to visit on its own. It is a great option to stay while visiting Death Valley or a pitstop on a road trip. However, I would not plan my trip solely around a trip to Beatty.

    I did find the distance between Death Valley and Beatty to be a little farther than I originally anticipated. I want you to be aware, that you will need to factor in extra driving time to the must-see locations in Death Valley. 

    In Conclusion: Things To Do In Beatty, NV

    I hope you enjoy all of the fun and unique things do in Beatty, NV! This small town is the perfect location to add to an epic road trip in California.