Is There Uber in Sonoma: How to Get Around Sonoma 2023

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If you are planning a trip to wine country, you may be wondering if there is Uber in Sonoma. And if not, what are the best ways to get to the wineries in Sonoma?

Spoiler, Uber and Lyft are available in Sonoma. However, it wouldn’t be my first choice to get around wine country. In fact, most of the time when visiting Sonoma, we avoid it altogether.

Fortunately, there are several other convenient and reliable transportation options available to help you get around Sonoma.

In this guide, you will discover when to use and not use Uber in Sonoma, the best way to get around wine country, how to save money wine tasting (because who doesn’t love saving a couple $$), and the top tours that take care of all of the planning for you.

πŸ’° Want to Save $$ Wine Tasting

The average cost for a basic wine tasting in Napa Valley is $40 per person. That easily adds up when you visit multiple wineries in a weekend.

If you want to save money on wine tasting and use it elsewhere like towards accommodations, restaurants, and tours- Priority Wine Pass can cut your tasting fees in half! Literally.

They offer 2 for 1 tastings at participating wineries. So you only need one pass per couple! It’s a pretty incredible deal!

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Uber in Sonoma

You can ride with Uber in Sonoma, but it would not be my top choice of transportation to get around wine country. And this is why:

  • Uber can be unreliable: Some areas in Sonoma have spotty service
  • The cost of ordering multiple Ubers can add up: especially when there are price surges
  • Not ideal for a larger group: Uber SUV or ordering two Ubers everywhere you go can get pretty expensive.
  • Long wait times for Ubers: not as many Ubers available as there would be in a city

Why is Uber Not the Best Option to Get Around Sonoma

Uber is not the best option to get around Sonoma because, unlike a busy city like San Francisco, Sonoma is a rural destination. There are not as many drivers readily available, and it can sometimes take 20 minutes or more for your Uber to arrive.

uber in sonoma

That’s ok if you are only planning on visiting one winery that day. However, if you have a busy itinerary of multiple tastings, you don’t want to be waiting around for your Uber to arrive and be late for your wine tasting.

You Need a Reservation for Wine Tasting

Nowadays, walk-in wine tastings are not as common, and you typically will need a reservation at the wineries for your wine tasting, especially on the weekends.

This is important because most of the wineries do enforce a strict 15-minute grace period. After that 15 minutes, they may give up your reservation or you will only be given the original allotted time for your wine tasting.

The Cost of Uber

The cost of ordering multiple Ubers throughout your stay in Sonoma can quickly add up. If you are visiting on a weekend, prices fluctuate as the demand for Uber increases. And if you have a large group, ordering two Ubers or an Uber SUV every time will get expensive.

Uber is Not the Most Convenient

Lastly, it’s not the most convenient option. Many people may not know this, but Sonoma is huge. It is almost double the size of Napa Valley, with over 62,000 acres of vineyards and 400 + wineries.

In Sonoma, there are a lot more back roads and vineyards between wineries than in Napa. So you are not going to be doing a lot of walking between wineries unless you stay in the downtown areas.

When Uber in Sonoma Can Be Done

Just because Uber is not the most convenient or reliable option for getting around Sonoma, it can be done. A tip would be to reserve your Uber in advance to make sure you can make it to your wine tasting on time.

Also, you should only plan to use Uber if you have a flexible schedule. For example, if you have a day full of wine tastings at three different wineries, you will need to be on a strict schedule because the wineries require you to arrive to your tastings on time.

But, if you have a flexible schedule where you only plan to visit one winery that day, an Uber could be a great option to get there. You could book your Uber in advance, and when it’s time to leave, you don’t have to stress about getting another Uber in enough time to make it to your next reservation.

What is the Best Way to Get Around Sonoma

Since Uber is not my top choice, how do you get around Sonoma? With some planning in advance, there are a couple of different ways you can get to the wineries, and depending on your group, budget, and the amount of time in Sonoma, you can decide what works best for you.

7 Ways to Get Around Sonoma

  • Small Group Tour
  • Private Tour
  • Rent a Car and Drive Yourself
  • A Sonoma Bike Tour
  • Walk to the Tasting Rooms
  • Hop Aboard the Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley
  • Public Transit (bus or train)

Small Group Tour of Sonoma


  • Safe and convenient transportation
  • No need to worry about a DD
  • Make new friends


  • You do not get to choose the wineries
  • It is not a private tour, you will share this tour with other people

One of the best ways to get around Sonoma is by a small group tour. With over 425 wineries and tasting rooms, planning a wine tasting itinerary can be overwhelming. If you book a group tour, they take care of all of the planning for you. Including what wineries you will visit, transportation, tour guide, and more.

Another advantage of booking a small group tour is that it can be a great opportunity to meet new people who share the same passion for wine. You’ll be spending several hours together, tasting wine, and enjoying the scenery, which makes it easy to strike up a conversation and make new friends.

Small-Group Wine-Tasting Tour through Sonoma Valley

⭐ RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 6.5 hours | 🍷 BOOK NOW

This small group tour is the perfect way to wine taste your way through Sonoma Valley. You’ll get the opportunity to visit hidden gem wineries, taste excellent wine, and have a unique experience in wine country.

On this tour, you will visit three charming wineries, enjoy a picnic lunch, be transported in a shuttle, and have a knowledgeable tour guide to share stories and the history of Sonoma Valley.

I really enjoyed the more intimate smaller number your group and the very personal visits to the private wineries. Created irreplaceable lasting memories!!! Tony was excellent!!!” – Teryl H. (read more reviews)

βœ… Check rates & availability Small-Group Wine-Tasting Tour through Sonoma Valley here

Private Wine Tasting Tour


  • Intimate experience
  • Get a unique wine tasting itinerary for your specific group
  • Safe and convenient transportation
  • No need to worry about a designated driver


  • More expensive

A private wine tasting tour is another top way to get around Sonoma Valley. It is a fantastic option if you want more control and say in planning your wine tasting itinerary.

Your day will be specifically tailored for your group based on what wineries you would like to visit and your taste preferences. And if you need help deciding which wineries to pick, they will walk you through that as well.

The difference between a group tour and a private tour is they choose the wineries for you, and it’s cheaper to do a small group tour.

However, the perk of a private tour is you will have a lot more flexibility and say in your schedule and a more intimate experience.

8-Hour Private Sonoma Wine Tour with Concierge Service

⭐ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 8 hours | 🍷 BOOK NOW

Travel in luxury on this highly rated 8 hour private wine tasting tour in Sonoma Valley. Included in this tour is a concierge service that assists you with customizing and preplanning your group’s itinerary and tour experience.

This tour takes care of every last detail for you. All you need to worry about is relaxing and enjoying the scenic views while sipping on your wine.

Great experience from planning to the actual day. The tour operator gave us a recommended list of places that suited our interests. Our driver Alex was outstanding and very attentive.” – Benedict N. (read more reviews)

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Rent a Car and Drive Yourself


  • Freedom to go where you want
  • Can travel at your own pace
  • Budget friendly


  • Need a designated driver

Chances are, you will already have a rental car with you. Renting a car in wine country can be a great option if you want the freedom and flexibility to explore Sonoma at your own pace.

Also, it is convenient to have a car with you. You can check out the different towns and regions of Sonoma County, like Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Guerneville, Dry Creek Valley, and downtown Sonoma to name a few of the popular ones.

However, the downside of driving is that you will need a designated driver. You do not want to risk drinking and driving. And depending on who you are traveling with, it can be difficult on deciding who is going to sit out of the wine tasting for the day.

Personally, I would rent a car to get to Sonoma from the airport, but then I would look into a different mode of transportation to go wine tasting. Such as a tour, so you don’t need to worry about drinking and driving, and everyone can have a great time!

πŸš— Renting a car for your trip to wine country?

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Explore Sonoma by Bike


  • Great way to get exercise
  • Energy efficient
  • Enjoy the outdoors


  • Need to be in shape to bike around for 10-16 miles
  • Weather dependant

Getting around Sonoma by bike is a popular and fun way to explore the region’s charming towns, beautiful countryside, and world-renowned wineries.

explore sonoma by booking a bike tour

Biking in Sonoma allows you to take in the stunning views of the vineyards and rolling hills at a leisurely pace, without the constraints of driving or parking. Many local bike rental companies offer a range of bikes, including electric bikes for those who prefer an extra boost.

In addition to the physical benefits of biking, it is also an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation.

You can venture out on your own and rent a bike for a self guided tour or book a guided tour of the area and Sonoma’s wineries.

A Sonoma Bike Tour & Wine Tasting

⭐ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 5.5 hours | 🍷 BOOK NOW

A bike tour in Sonoma is a fantastic way to discover wine country and sneak in some exercise outdoors. Sonoma offers a breathtaking backdrop for a bike ride with its rolling hills, acres of vineyards, and quaint towns.

Great vineyards and lunch! Hot day, but Gwen took great care of us by making sure we had plenty of water, etc. This was a bucket list item and I can say, other then the 100Β° temps, was exceptional! The scenery is unrivaled. A must do!” – Patty K (read more reviews)

On this full-day guided bike and wine tasting tour, you will cover about 10 to 16 miles and tastings at three wineries throughout Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma County. Also included is a picnic lunch among the vineyards, all of your bike equipment (they offer a hybrid bike as well), and an experienced guide.

This bike tour in Sonoma is a great way to immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of the iconic California wine country.

βœ… Check rates and availability for Healdsburg Wine Country Bike and Wine Tasting Tour with lunch here

Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley Including Lunch

⭐ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 4-5 hours | 🍷 BOOK NOW


  • A unique way to see Sonoma
  • You don’t need a designated driver


  • You can’t select the wineries you are visiting.
  • Tasting fees are not included.

The Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley is a unique and enjoyable way to explore the stunning wine country of Sonoma Valley. The trolley is a replica of a historic San Francisco cable car, with open-air seating that provides panoramic views of the picturesque vineyards and rolling hills of the region.

wine tasting in Sonoma

The guided tour takes you to three family-owned wineries and tasting rooms in Sonoma, where you can sample a variety of wines and learn about the history and culture of the area.

This was a great wine tour, we really enjoyed it! It was so scenic riding on the trolley and a lovely way to travel and spend the day enjoying Sonoma Valley. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to do a wine tour.” – Jackie B. (read more reviews)

Included is a picnic lunch of sandwiches, side salads, and desserts. Along the way, enjoy live commentary and entertainment from a knowledgeable and friendly guide, who shares fascinating stories and insights about the local wine industry.

βœ… Check rates and availability Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley Including Lunch here

Walk to the Wineries


  • Budget-friendly
  • You won’t need a designated driver


  • Limited to the downtown area
  • Miss out on wine country landscapes

To get to the wineries that showcase the breathtaking views of rolling hills of vineyards you will need a car or visit by tour. However, you can still taste some fantastic wine at one of the many boutique tasting rooms located in the downtown areas like Sonoma Plaza or Healdsburg.

downtown healdsburg

Many of the tasting rooms are within walking distance in these areas, so you can easily visit them on foot. You can create your own wine-tasting itinerary or another unique and fun option is to do a food and wine-tasting tour.

Healdsburg Wine Tasting and Food Pairing Guided Walking Tour

⭐ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 4 hours | 🍷 BOOK NOW

Discover some hidden gems on this wine tasting and food pairing walking tour of Healdsburg. If you are a foodie this is the tour for you! Be prepared to taste many delicious foods from the local bakeries, wine shops, and cafes in downtown Healdsburg.

Also, get insider tips and stories on Sonoma’s culinary scene and family vineyards. And leave with the knowledge of the techniques on how to pair wine & food together.

This was an absolutely awesome experience. The wine and food was great and our tour guide (Carole) was so fun and very knowledgeable. Would recommend to anyone!!” – Anna B. (read more reviews)

Food tastings and wine tastings are included in the price, which is a huge money saver! You definitely get your money’s worth and some with this tour.

βœ… Check rates and availability Healdsburg Wine Tasting and Food Pairing Guided Walking Tour here

Get Around Sonoma by Public Transportation

Public transportation in Sonoma is available, but it’s not the best option for visiting the wineries. It is typically used for commuting, but it could be a great and budget-friendly option if you plan on visiting the different towns in Sonoma County.


  • Budget-friendly
  • You do not need a DD


  • Not very convenient to get to the wineries
  • Not a direct route to wineries
  • Limited schedules


For a budget friendly option to explore Sonoma County, you can use public transportation and ride the SMART Train. The SMART Train does not drop off at the wineries, but it does offer transportation to the various locations throughout Sonoma County.

Some of the stops include Sonoma County Airport, Santa Rose Downtown, and Petaluma Downtown and there are plans to add stops in Healdsburg, Windsor, and Cloverdale as well.

The SMART Train is a comfortable and energy-efficient way to get around and explore Sonoma County.

You don’t have to deal with traffic or need a designated driver, but it is not the most convenient option to get to the wineries. You will still need to get an Uber or Taxi from the station to get to your wine tastings.

Sonoma County Transit

Sonoma County Transit bus system offers several routes that stop at different towns throughout the county. You can check the bus schedule and plan your route ahead of time. However, keep in mind that the bus schedules may be limited and you may need to plan your day around the bus schedule.

Save Money πŸ’° on Wine Tasting with Priority Wine Pass

As you probably have figured out already, a trip to wine country can get pricey. If you are looking for ways to save money in wine country, you should check out Priority Wine Pass.

The Priority Wine Pass helps you get the best-discounted rates πŸ’° at many of the participating wineries.

They have two for one deals (where you can purchase one tasting and get the second free and get away with 1 pass per couple), free tastings, discounts on experiences and tours, and many more deals to save you money.

If you plan on visiting wine country on more than one occasion, I suggest buying a year pass- and if you do, you can save even more with my Travel Today Work Tomorrow exclusive deal & get off $20 on the yearly Priority Pass.

Or just in town for a weekend? The 3 day pass still easily pays for itself. πŸ·

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Want to learn more about the Priority Wine Pass? Priority Wine Pass Is it Worth It 2023: All You Need to Know

Uber in Sonoma FAQ

How Much is an Uber from Sonoma to Napa?

On average an Uber from Sonoma to Napa is approximately $35. However, prices do fluctuate depending on the time of day and day of the week you are traveling. Sonoma to Napa Valley is about a 14 mile drive, and the average travel time by Uber is 27 minutes.

How Much is an Uber from SFO to Sonoma?

If you are traveling by Uber from SFO to Sonoma, the average price for an UberX is $105 and the average travel time is 86 minutes.

However, don’t be surprised to see Uber prices at least double when trying to leave San Francisco International. It is a very popular airport and there are often surcharges.

Do you need a car in Sonoma?

A car in Sonoma is not 100% necessary. It is possible to visit wine country without a car. However, for a more flexible, convenient, and stress-free visit, I would highly recommend renting a car.

How Walkable is Sonoma?

Sonoma is a relatively walkable town with a charming and compact downtown area that’s easy to navigate on foot. The central plaza is the heart of the town, surrounded by historic buildings, boutique shops, and a variety of restaurants and cafes.

However, if you plan to venture beyond the town center to visit nearby wineries or attractions, a car or Uber/Lyft is necessary.

Wrap Up: Uber in Sonoma & How to Get Around Sonoma

To wrap things up, Uber is available to you in Sonoma County. There are many of times when Uber can be a great mode of transportation in wine country. However, if you are planning on a full day of wine tasting and exploring Sonoma Valley, I suggest booking a wine tour instead of relying on Uber.

πŸ’° Want to Save $$ Wine Tasting

The cost of wine tastings can easily add up when you visit multiple wineries in a weekend.

If you want to save money on wine tasting and use it elsewhere like towards accommodations, restaurants, and tours- Priority Wine Pass can cut your tasting fees in half! Literally.

They offer 2 for 1 tastings at participating wineries. So you would only need one pass per couple! It’s a pretty incredible deal!

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