Best Dog Friendly Wineries Paso Robles: Ultimate Guide & Tips

Are you thinking about planning a wine tasting trip to beautiful Paso Robles but debating if you should bring your dog along with you? Lucky for you, Paso Robles is one of the most inclusive dog friendly destinations in California.

Continue reading, I have listed some of the best dog friendly wineries in Paso Robles, where to stay and eat with your dog, and plenty of other tips of wine tasting with your four-legged friend.

dog friendly wineries paso robles

It’s hard not to love a destination like Paso Robles, California. With year-round beautiful weather, panoramic vineyard views, delicious wine, and farm-to-table restaurants. Paso Robles is the ideal weekend getaway in California. 

However, the biggest perk of all is, Paso Robles is super dog friendly. So why not book those wineries and skip the dog boarding because you are packing your bags for a weekend of wine tasting in central California!  

Guide on Paso Robles

The city of Paso Robles is known for, you guessed it, wine! Situated along California’s central coast, Paso Robles produces world-renowned wine. What makes their wine different and unique from other California regions are the soils, climate, and long growing season. 

Paso Robles is known for its production of deep red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux-style blends. The warm sunny days and drop of temperatures at night provide the perfect climate to create fantastic wines. Paso Robles consists of over 200 wineries that span across 40,000 acres of vineyards.  

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    Where is Paso Robles?

    If you are planning on visiting Paso Robles, I suggest making a weekend trip out of it. Paso Robles is a three-hour drive from San Francisco and Los Angeles. Just a little too far to make it a day trip. Also, you will be drinking wine, so best to stay at least one night in Paso Robles.

    wine tasting at Daou

    When planning your trip to wine country, be prepared to drive to the wineries. The wineries are spread out throughout the different regions of Paso Robles. Most of the wineries are not within walking distance of each other, so you will need to drive to each location. Or your other option is to book a tour. You can find more information about that below. 

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    Dog Friendly Wineries Paso Robles

    Eberle Winery

    Eberle is one of the best dog friendly wineries in Paso Robles and definitely, a must-visit if you are bringing your dog to wine tasting. The owner of Eberle is a dog lover himself. He has two black, Standard Poodles that you will often see making new friends on the property.

    eberle a dog friendly winery in paso robles

    When we arrived at Eberle, it felt like a party! Their enormous deck, which overlooks the acres of vineyards, was filled with people sipping on wine and enjoying live music.

    vineyard views at eberle winery

    Eberle is very customer-focused. They offer a free tour of their wine caves and five complimentary wines to enjoy on their deck. There is a $10 deposit at booking. However, that will go to any wine that you purchase during your tasting. Pretty sweet deal! The cave tour is very interesting and informative, and dogs on leash are welcome!

    Tooth & Nail Winery

    Another Paso Robles dog friendly winery is Tooth & Nail. The winery is very unique. It is a castle surrounded by a moat and decorated with gothic décor.

    wine tasting in Paso robles

    We brought our dog here and were seated on their shaded outdoor patio. The atmosphere at Tooth & Nail was very welcoming, with live music playing, friendly staff, and a bowl of cold water for our pup.

    paso robles itinerary tooth and nail
    lunch at tooth and nail winery

    Tooth & Nail also serves food, so this is a great spot to grab a bite to eat during your day of wine tasting in Paso Robles. Check their event calendar, they hold a ton of events, including live music, dueling pianos, comedy night, happy hour, and brunch every Sunday.

    Booker Vineyards

    When visiting Booker Vineyards, it felt like a very posh and sophisticated winery. Their tasting room was gorgeous, with updated modern décor while all of their staff was wearing white.

    Booker dog friendly winery paso robles

    As a dog parent to a large dog that usually requires a drool towel, it made me a little nervous. However, as soon as we sat down, the staff went above and beyond for us. Our dog received lots of attention and even got to meet and play with the owner’s dog, a Bernese Mountain dog. Needless to say. He loved it!

    booker vineyards paso robles wine tasting
    dog friendly wineries paso robles

    The classic wine tasting takes place in their lounge or patio, which has indoor-outdoor seating, perfect for those warm summer days. The hillside boasts gorgeous views of their vineyards. Along the front of the vineyard, they have a bocce ball and corn hall court.

    Besides being a dog friendly winery in Paso Robles, Booker Vineyards has some really fantastic wine! At the end of our tasting, we did purchase a couple of bottles of wine to bring home with us. Their wine is a little bit more on the expensive side compared to some of the other wineries we tasted. Our personal favorites were the 2018 Fracture and the 2018 Oublie.

    Daou Vineyards

    If you are just starting to plan your trip to Paso Robles, I highly suggest you book your reservations at Daou Vineyards now. Reservations book up quickly! Daou is hands down our favorite winery in Paso Robles. Proof of loving it so much, we left our wine tasting as club members.

    dog friendly wine tasting at daou winery

    Daou has incredible panoramic views, and the fact that Daou is also a dog friendly winery in Paso Robles is a huge bonus. The grounds at Daou Vineyards are simply breathtaking. All of the seating outside offers a view of rolling hills and vineyards.

    cheese board at Daou winery

    If you are looking for something to snack on in between sips of delicious wine, I recommend their cheeseboard. It was out of this world!! The cheese plate was overflowing with rich and delicious cheeses, charcuterie, unique spreads, pita bread, and more.

    Justin Vineyards & Winery

    We have JUSTIN Wines to thank for putting Paso Robles on the fine wine map and growing its reputation. JUSTIN wines have been a favorite of ours for a long time, we always have a bottle ready to uncork for a dinner party.

    They have numerous award-winning wines. JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery have a tasting room downtown and an estate in Paso Robles that is dog friendly. Make sure to book your wine tasting in advance, JUSTIN is one of the more well-known wineries in Paso Robles and their reservations fill up fast.

    Tip: JUSTIN also has an Inn and restaurant at their winery estate. However, these two locations are not dog friendly.

    Calcareous Vineyard

    Calcareous is another must-visit dog friendly winery in Paso Robles. Drive along the winding and scenic Peachy Canyon road, where you will find the beautiful Calcareous Vineyard estate. The estate sits perched atop the hill, which provides gorgeous never-ending views of the Salinas Valley and Paso Robles. 

    calcaerous vineyard paso robles

    The wine tasting takes place outside on their lush green lawn, with each table shaded by an umbrella. Before you start your wine tasting, take a short walk along the dirt path. This is where you are going to see the best views of Paso Robles! They have a couple of chairs that you can sit back and relax in later with a glass of wine and soak in this magnificent view.

    wine tasting in paso robles

    Our dog was very comfortable lying next to us in the soft grass while we did our tasting. Calcareous is another option where you can order some lunch. They have a wood-fired pizza oven and a full kitchen.

    More Dog Friendly Wineries Paso Robles

    • Sculpterra Winery & Vineyards
    • Tobin James Cellar
    • Mithcella Vineyard and Winery
    • Robert Hall Winery
    • Parish Family Vineyard
    • J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines
    • Niner Wine Estates
    • Cass Winery
    • Four Sisters Ranch Vineyard & Winery
    • ONX Wines

    Dog-friendly Wine Tours

    I am in love with this idea of a dog friendly wine tour! If you prefer not to drive and want someone else to do the planning for you, there are 3 different companies that will take you and your dog on a wine tasting tour of Paso Robles.

    Breakaway Tours: They will pick you and your pup up from your lodging and take you to 3-4 wine tastings. For an extra fee, you can add on a picnic lunch which includes extra snacks for your furry best friend.

    Toast Tours: Toast Tours helps you organize a custom and private wine tour designated for your group. All of their private tours are dog friendly at no additional cost.

    The Wine Line: The Wine Line also allows you to bring your pup along during your tour of wineries. They will pick you up from your accommodations and drive you to 4-5 wineries of your choosing.

    Should You Take Your Dog Wine Tasting With You?

    This question was one that we had our first time visiting the wineries with our dog Cash. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how many dog friendly wineries in Paso Robles welcomed our pup with open arms and, of course, lots of belly rubs!

    dog friendly winery calcareous vineyard
    dog friendly wineries paso robles

    Tips For Taking Your Dog to Wineries

    • Advise the wineries in advance that you will have a dog so they can seat you at a table with extra legroom. 
    • Pack water and bowl. A lot of wineries will provide this, but it’s still a good idea to be prepared.
    • Brush your dog before your day of wine tasting. I have a Golden Retriever, and nothing goes better with some wine than dog hair. I try to get all of that extra hair off so he doesn’t shed on other people or inside the wineries.
    • Pack a chew toy to keep them occupied while you are tasting.
    • Pack a small towel. It’s hot out, and my dog drools a lot, so we always come prepared with a “drool towel.” It helps us and or our neighbors from getting an unwanted drool shower.
    • Try to go on a morning run or walk to get some energy out before your day of wine tasting.
    • Pack treats and dinner with you. I don’t know about your dog, but Cash gets hangry if he isn’t fed promptly at 5 pm.

    How to Save Money on Wine Tasting in California

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    Paso Robles Dog Friendly Hotels

    As mentioned above, Paso Robles is a very dog friendly town. When we first visited, I was surprised by how many 3, 4, 5-star hotels were dog friendly. Typically when traveling with our English Golden Retriever, we are limited on where to stay, so it was a huge relief knowing we had so many fantastic options in Paso Robles.

    If you are looking to book your stay for Paso Robles, I have created an additional list of the top dog friendly hotels in Paso Robles. Along with their pet policy, a summary of each accommodation, and tips from our personal experiences.

    Allegretto Vineyard Resort 

    If you want luxury for you and your pup, Allegretto Vineyard Resort is the hotel for you. One of our favorite dog friendly hotels in California, Allegretto Vineyard, is a gorgeous Tuscan-inspired resort. The grounds of the hotel are surrounded by Allegretto’s picturesque vineyards and beautiful gardens.

    Want to learn more about Allegretto Vineyard Resort? Check out my post: Allegretto Vineyard Resort Reviews 2023 for everything you need to know to decide if this is the best accommodation for you.

    dog friendly winery and hotel in paso robles

    One of our favorite features was the pet-friendly rooms that give you direct access to the courtyard. It makes it very easy to get your dog out in the morning or late at night for their potty breaks.

    Allegretto Vineyard Resort offers many amenities during your stay with them. Such as a wine tasting from their vineyards, a spa, tours, and an onsite restaurant. Even their restaurant accommodates your pup! They have a dog friendly menu that serves poached chicken, filet mignon, and a doggie dessert.

    Paso Robles Inn

    Located in the heart of Downtown, Paso Robles Inn is within walking distance of shopping, restaurants, and over 20 wine tasting rooms. Their dog friendly rooms are top-notch. They offer rooms with a private balcony or patio with a spa tub that provides views of their lush gardens.  

    La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Paso Robles

    For a budget-friendly option, La Quinta Hotel offers everything you need for your stay at an affordable price. You will get free breakfast during your stay, and they do not charge a pet fee.

    You can have a max of three dogs with you for free, which is pretty rare to find! Another plus, the hotel is located only a 5-minute drive from downtown Paso Robles. 

    Dog Friendly Restaurants in Paso Robles

    Downtown Paso Robles is the place to go for grabbing a delicious meal. They have a little bit of everything from Italian, California fare, Mexican, specialty pizza, and Japanese food. The restaurants in Paso Robles are also very big on farm-to-table. Every meal you have, you know, will be made from the freshest and local ingredients.  

    As a dog parent, I am sure you have noticed the increase in outdoor seating. A lot of restaurants that orginally could not accommodate dogs are now considered dog friendly. And even better, they have invested in many heat lamps and covered seating. I highly recommend making your dinner reservations in advance and including that you are bringing your dog with you.

    Our Favorite Dog Friendly Restaurants in Downtown Paso Robles

    Thomas Hill Organic

    If you only have time for one breakfast or lunch in Paso Robles, then Thomas Hill Organic has to be it! Thomas Hill Organics is an adorable restaurant that serves incredible organic dishes, where all of the food is regionally produced and comes directly from nearby farmers.

    Their outdoor patio looks like a little oasis tucked away in downtown Paso Robles. It is covered, which provides indoor/outdoor seating. 

    thomas hill organic

    La Cosecha

    We had a delicious meal at La Cosecha. We sat outside toasty under their tent and patio warmers. La Cosecha’s menu is best described as farm to table with a Latin flair. Their dishes are inspired by Spain and South American cuisine while using fresh ingredients found on the central coast of Paso Robles.

    Our table decided to order a little bit of everything from the menu and share. The paella and their pizzas were excellent. 

    The Alchemists’ Garden

    We loved everything about the Alchemist’s Garden. The whimsical atmosphere, the unique drinks, and the innovative menu will absolutely have us coming back again in the future. This restaurant has only been on the scene since 2020, but they mix up some of the best drinks in town.

    Alchemists’ Garden is the perfect spot to grab some drinks before dinner, or you can sit down for a meal in their outdoor garden.

    Tip: They do not take reservations. I suggest arriving early or putting your name down and exploring downtown while you wait for your table.

    Additional Paso Robles Dog Friendly Restaurants

    • Fish Gaucho: a local favorite that serves up Mexican food and margaritas.
    • BL Brasserie: A French Bistro and wine bar
    • Catch Seafood Bar & Grill: Enjoy fresh seafood in a cozy atmosphere.
    • Springside Restaurant: Serves homey Californian fare for breakfast and lunch

    Other Dog Friendly Activities in Paso Robles

    When you are done visiting the dog friendly wineries in Paso Robles there are other activities you can enjoy with your dog. Traveling with a small pup, senior dog, or one with mobility issues? You may want to consider a dog stroller to help the two of you get around.

    Sherwood Dog Park: You will find a 1.25-acre cross-fenced dog park with two separate play areas for big and small dogs. Sherwood is a quick 7-minute drive from downtown Paso Robles.

    Vineyard Dog Park: Located in Templeton, which is the next closest town to Paso Robles, and only a 15-minute drive from downtown. Vineyard Dog Park is a woodchip dog park with plenty of shade, seating, and separate parks for small and large dogs.

    Salinas Riverwalk Trail: A two-mile flat trail, 4 minutes from downtown Paso Robles. Dogs are allowed on leash.

    Lake Nacimiento Shoreline Trail: Work up and sweat and exert some pup energy on a 5 mile moderately rated hike. Just outside of Paso Robles, Lake Nacimiento is about a 40-minute drive from downtown. Dogs are allowed on leash.

    Pros & Cons of Visiting Paso Robles With Your Dog

    downtown paso robles

    Pros of Visiting Paso Robles With Your Dog

    Paso Robles, California is very dog friendly, which will make planning your next trip so easy! During your stay, you will have no issues with booking dog friendly accommodations, restaurants, and wine tastings.

    Cons of Visiting Paso Robles With Your dog

    Depending on where you are traveling from the location of Paso Robles could cause some issues for you since it is a three-hour drive from San Francisco or Los Angeles. If your dog doesn’t do well in the car for long distances, this may be a problem for you.

    Another con of visiting Paso Robles is the price. Wine tastings, hotel stay, and dinners add up very quickly. If you are traveling on a budget, consider traveling during the slow season, which is between December to February.

    In Conclusion: Dog Friendly Wineries Paso Robles

    As a Bay Area local, we have been wine tasting numerous times in Napa Valley and Sonoma. From our experiences, there are so many more dog-friendly wineries in Paso Robles than in the other California regions.

    Now that you have my guide and all of the tips for dog-friendly wineries in Paso Robles it is time to sit back and enjoy a glass of vino in beautiful wine country!!

    Wine Country Planning Guide

    🗓 What is the best time to visit? Wine tasting in California is always a good idea! However, my personal favorite time to visit wine country is in the spring. ☀️

    You will have gorgeous weather, fewer crowds, wildflowers blooming, and more affordable accommodations.

    🚗 Should I rent a car? Yes, if you plan on staying more than a night in Napa or Sonoma, I suggest you rent a car.

    ✔️ Compare the best rate for car rentals in California here

    🏨 What’s the best way to book my accommodation? When visiting wine country I prefer to book hotels over Airbnb and VRBO. This is because a lot of the shared homes are too far from the wineries and they are usually pretty expensive.

    Booking is a reliable site to book at thousands of hotels in California. They also have a great and flexible cancellation policy for no extra fee.

    🧳 What do I pack for wine country? My go to outfit for wine tasting is a flowy dress and comfortable shoes. Find my FREE guide for What to Wear (And Not Wear) Wine Tasting in California

    💸 Budgeting for your trip to California As you will quickly find out wine tasting ain’t cheap- especially in Napa Valley. Save some money and book discounted wine tastings and experiences with Priority Wine Pass.

    Save even more with my coupon code TTWT!! 🤑 With my Travel Today Work Tomorrow exclusive deal you can save an extra $20 on a yearly Priority Pass.

    ✈️ Booking your flight to California As you know, visiting California can be pricey! Another great money saving tip for wine country is to look for the best rate for flights on Skyscanner

    More Dog Friendly Guides on TTWT