Is There Uber in Florence Italy: How to Get Around in Florence

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If you are planning an epic trip to the stunning city of Florence, you may be curious to know if there is Uber in Florence, Italy. And if Uber is not available, how do you get around the city or to and from the airport?

My husband and I recently got married at a castle in Tuscany and spent three blissful weeks traveling through Italy. We did a little bit of everything from renting a car, riding the train, attempting to hail a taxi and public transit.

Once we touched down at the Florence Airport, the first question we had was, what is the best and fastest way to get to the city?

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In this post, you will discover an ultimate guide on exactly how to get around when you are visiting Florence, Italy. And tips I wish I knew before our visit, like how to successfully get a taxi. Hint it’s not like hailing them down as you do in Paris or Barcelona. We learned that the hard way.

Is There Uber in Florence, Italy

Uber is available in some of the major cities in Italy. Unfortunately, Florence is not one of them. And don’t be confused with the city of Florence in South Carolina.

Uber is a great luxury to have when traveling, you basically can have a personal chauffeur at your doorstep in minutes. However, you don’t really need it in a city like Florence, which is why it doesn’t exist.

Why Are There No Ubers in Florence, Italy

To be an Uber driver in Italy requires you to register as an NCC driver (Noleggio Con Conducente) with an NCC medallion. It is difficult to obtain your NCC license because it involves extra fees, exams, and even car approval. It can cost a driver up to €100,000 for the NCC medallion.

is there uber in florence italy

In a city like Florence, where there is not a high enough demand for Uber, it doesn’t seem worth it for drivers. Even if Uber did exist in Florence, Italy, the prices would be higher than a taxi.

As a result of these high costs to the driver, only luxury cars with Uber Black are offered in Italy. Uber Black costs more than the discounted prices we see with UberX.

How Do You Get Around in Florence, Italy

Even though Uber or Lyft is not available in Florence, Italy, there are many other ways to get around this beautiful city. Such as by bus, tram, taxi, bike, or walk.

And if it is your first time visiting Florence, don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to figure out! There are just a couple of key tips you need to know beforehand that I will discuss below.

Get Around Florence By Foot

Experiencing Florence on foot is the best and cheapest way to get around the city. Florence’s city center is relatively small compared to other major cities in Italy. You can walk from one end to another in about 30 minutes.

The city is also pedestrian-friendly, with many pedestrianized zones and limited car access, making it easy and safe to explore on foot.

beautiful panoramic views of the arno river and florence

During our stay in Florence, we easily walked 8 to 9 miles a day, so it is important to wear comfortable shoes. I personally loved exploring the streets of Florence.

We had a planned itinerary of everything we wanted to do and see like climbing the famous Duomo, but I also enjoyed spontaneously getting lost in the maze of alleys and cobblestone streets.

Tips for getting around Florence by foot would be to book a free walking tour. Also, make sure to either download your maps of the city in advance or set up your phone for international travel to have access to the internet.

Taxis in Florence

While staying in Florence, we quickly learned that, unlike many other cities in Europe, taxis cannot be flagged down as they pass you on the street.

You have to call them to pick you up or go to one of the designated taxi stands. The taxi stands are located in most of the main squares, airports, and train stations.

How Do I Get a Taxi in Florence

To get a taxi in Florence will need to either walk to a designated stand or similar to Uber, you can use an app to order one to pick you up. IT Taxi App is a popular and reliable one. There is also SIXT and appTaxi.

taxi in florence, italy

However, in our experience, what worked best was having our Airbnb host order a taxi for us. We tried contacting one of the taxi companies and were ignored. So if the apps are not working for you, I would ask your hotel concierge or even your Airbnb host if they don’t mind ordering a taxi for you.

Are Taxis Expensive in Florence

Florence is up there as one of the most expensive cities to grab a taxi. This is why, most of the time, people only use them to get to and from the Florence Airport or the train station, Stazione di Firenze Santa Maria Novella.

Taxi fares are based on the current taxi tariffs of Florence. The initial charge from 6 am to 9 pm is  3.30. And the price per kilometer varies between €0.91 – 1.64. If you get a taxi after 9 pm the initial charge increases to € 6.60. Taxi rates also increase on Sundays and public holidays.

Taking the Bus Around Florence

Another way to get around the city of Florence would be by bus. There are a few important tips you need to know before hopping on one of the buses in the city.

To see the bus routes in Florence, a really helpful and free app is Moovit. The app provides you with live updates so you’ll know if your bus is running late and helps you figure out which bus lines to take.

How Do You Pay For a Bus in Florence

The number one tip when planning to ride the bus in Florence, Italy, is to buy your bus ticket before getting on board. You can purchase them from the driver. However, it will be more expensive, and the bus could run out of tickets.

giotto tower in florence italy

There are a couple of places to buy bus tickets. You can purchase them by sending a text message with “Firenze” to 488.01.05 or by downloading the Tabnet APP

You can also buy them from authorized retailers at a tobacco shop or newsstand, official ticket offices, or machines that display the Autolinee Toscane sticker.

How Much Does a Bus Ride Cost in Florence

A one-way bus ticket costs €1.20. Once on board, you need to validate your bus ticket. You can find the ticket validation machine near the door. After your ticket is validated, you can use it as much as you want for the next 90 minutes.

How to Take the Tram in Florence

The trams in Florence are not the most popular form of transportation for a tourist visiting the city. It is most often used by commuters. There are three tram lines, and one conveniently does go to the airport. A tram ticket in Florence cost €1.50 and can be purchased using a kiosk directly on the platform.

The tram’s schedule runs through Florence from 5:30 am to midnight. And you can catch a tram ride every three to four minutes during the day, or every twelve minutes at night.

Bicycles, E-bikes, and Electric Scooters in Florence

Another eco-friendly and low-cost way to get around the city of Florence would be by bicycle or electric scooter.

There are numerous bike rental shops dispersed throughout the city. You can rent a touring bike in Florence for around € 4 for an hour or an all-day rental for € 15.

bicycle in florence italy

They are also shared bikes by Mobike or RideMovi, which offers both regular and electric bikes. You can download the app and check the map to find a bike nearby.

Florence has public electric scooters to rent as well. There are three companies in Florence, TiMove, Bit Mobility, and Bird. Similar to Mobike and RideMovi, you need to download the app, connect your credit card, and check the map to locate a bike.

Renting a Car is Not Recommended

If you are thinking about renting a car to get around Florence, Italy, don’t do it. Renting a car is not recommended because there is little parking, and most of the streets are one-way or pedestrian-only.

the streets of florence italy

Also, the majority of the city center is off-limits to tourist drivers. They are marked with “ZTL” (“Zona a Traffico Limitato” or Limited Traffic Zone) and are for authorized traffic only.

I would only suggest renting a car if you are planning on spending time in Tuscany to visit many of Italy’s hidden gems like the Saturnia Hot Springs.

What we decided to do that worked for us was we spent a couple of nights in Florence first and then rented a car for the Tuscany leg of our trip.

It helped save us money, and we didn’t have to worry about getting a ticket or finding a spot to park the car.

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How to Get from Florence Airport to City Center

You have four options to get from Florence Peretola Airport to the City center. You can either travel by taxi, bus, tram, or private transfer.

Florence Peretola Airport

Getting a Taxi at the Florence Airport

At the airport, there were plenty of taxis lined up outside. We had no problem getting one from the airport to our Airbnb in the City center. There may be a long line, but it moves quickly.

There is a set rate from the Florence Airport to the City center. You will find the prices posted at the taxi stand and inside the taxi. The set fare is 22€ for the 20 to 30-minute car ride during normal hours. There are extra charges for baggage (1€ per bag) and for night or holiday travel.

Private Transfer from the Florence Airport

If you are traveling with a large group with a lot of luggage, you may want to consider booking a private transfer in advance. It’s a great and stress-free way to avoid the taxi line and the hassle of public transportation.

a private car in florence italy

With your private transfer, the driver will meet you in the arrivals area and take you directly to your hotel or Airbnb in Florence. The private transfer can accommodate groups of up to eight people.

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Tram from Florence Airport to City Center

Florence’s Tram is the cheapest option to get from the airport to the City center. You can find the tram right outside of arrivals. The tram stops at Via Alamanni next to Santa Maria Novella train station or Place de l’Unita, near the center of Florence. The total journey takes 20 minutes.

Depending on the time of day, the tram runs every 7 to 18 minutes, and a ticket costs € 1.50 per person. You can purchase tickets outside of the tram spot from one of the red vending machines. Before getting on the tram make sure you validate your ticket by sticking it into the machine next to the track.

Shuttle Bus From Florence Airport to City Center

Another budget-friendly option is to take the shuttle Volainbus, a direct transfer to the city center. The bus drops off at the Florence bus station, just across the street from the Santa Maria Novella train station. The total journey takes about twenty minutes.

The price is € 6 per person for a single trip, roundtrip is € 10. You can purchase one-way tickets from the driver or they can be bought at the tram stations.

In Conclusion: Is There Uber in Florence Italy

Does Florence, Italy have Uber or Lyft? No there is no Uber in Florence, Italy. However, after reading this guide I hope you have learned other helpful tips to get around Florence. And the best ways to get from Florence Airport to the city center.

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