13 Best Tents for Dogs: The Ultimate Guide & Review 2023

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As a family, we love going on adventures and exploring the beautiful outdoors with our two Golden Retrievers. Camping can be so enjoyable with your four-legged friend! If you are a dog owner planning an upcoming camping trip with your pup, you will need a comfortable and durable tent. Discover the best tents for dogs and the top things you should look for in a dog-friendly tent.

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    Top 13 Picks For Best Tents For Dogs

    Before choosing a tent for your next dog-friendly camping trip, there are some things you will want to consider first. Such as the size, weight, material, and ease of access of the tent. You will want to look for a tent with good ventilation and one that is durable and waterproof to keep you and your pup comfortable during your camping trip.

    Also, it is important to know what type of camping you plan on doing. There are a variety of tents for car camping, backpacking, and the different seasons.

    To learn more about the specifics of what to look for in a dog-friendly tent, you can skip to the bottom of the post, where I answer all of those questions there. However, if you already have an idea of what you are looking for, then here is the list of top 13 picks for the best tents for dogs.

    ⭐️ Top Pick For Light Weight Tent: Near Zero 3 Person Lightweight Tent
    🤑 Most Affordable Go-To Tent: Coleman Sundome Camping Tent
    🐕 Best Tent For Large Dogs: Core 11-Person Tent
    🐾 Best Two-Person + Dog Tent: Mineral King 3 Person Tent
    ⛺️ Top Tent for Family Camping: Gazelle T4 Plus
    ❄️ Best All Year Round Tent For The Price: Near Zero 3 Person Lightweight Tent

    Best Tents For Dogs: Car Camping

    1. Gazelle T4 Plus Extra Large

    Product Details
    Occupancy: 8 person
    Product Dimensions LxWxH: â€Ž167 x 101 x 78″
    Weight of Tent: 62 pounds packaged weight
    Warranty: 1 year limited

    The Gazelle T4 Plus is one of the best tents for dogs and the entire family! This massive tent is incredibly durable and one tough tent that will help keep you and your family safe from extreme weather conditions.

    The tent is made from 100% polyester, which is waterproof and will provide protection against wind, cold, and UV. Also, your Gazelle T4 comes with an oversized rain fly that adds an extra layer of protection against wind and rain.

    The Gazelle T4 Plus is an amazing option for dogs. Especially larger ones because it offers a convertible screen room. The screen room is a great additional leisure or sleeping area for your pup. It also has proper ventilation for warmer days and nights.

    Best Tent For:

    This tent is best for car camping. The Gazelle T4 Plus provides plenty of space for the family and can comfortably fit multiple dogs.

    The tent is a little expensive. However, without a doubt, the Gazelle T4 is a durable and tough tent that will last. It is the perfect choice for a tent if you plan on taking multiple camping trips.


    • Huge and fits up to 8 people comfortably
    • 78” tall so you can walk around freely
    • Waterproof & protects against wind, cold, and UV. Includes rain fly
    • It comes with an oversized bag for storage & transport
    • Multiple mesh windows for ventilation & extra convertible screen room
    • Two entrances and exits for easy access
    • Removable floors for an easy cleanup
    • Easy setup, pop up
    • Heavy YKK zippers on the doors


    • Heavy
    • Not compact and takes up a fair amount of space, even in the bag
    • One of the more expensive tents on this list

    ⭐️ Invest in the Gazelle footprint for the tent. A footprint helps extends the life of your tent by protecting the floor from abrasion and moisture.

    ✅ Buy the Gazelle T4 Plus here

    2. CAMPROS CP Tent

    Product Details
    Occupancy: 8 person
    Product Dimensions: â€Ž14 x 9 x 6(H) ft
    Weight of Tent: â€Ž17.4 Pounds
    Warranty: Unconditional 1-year quality assurance 

    The Campros CP Tent is your option for a huge waterproof tent that won’t break the bank. The Campros tent is very roomy, and to get an idea of the size, it can easily fit eight sleeping bags or three queen-sized blow-up mattresses. And most people can stand up in the tent. The height is 6 feet tall. The Campros is perfect for a family of four or five with one to two dogs.

    A big perk of the Campros tent is its durability of the tent. It is made with 185T polyester, and a 1000mm polyurethane hydrostatic-rated coating and comes with a rain fly. It is considered waterproof in your average rainstorm.

    Besides the size of the tent, what makes the Campros one of the best tents for dogs is the ventilation. The tent has five mesh windows, and the top of the tent without the rainfly is all mesh as well. It also comes with one curtain that hangs from the ceiling to divide rooms, so it could be an option where the dog can sleep.

    Best Tent For:

    This is the best tent for car camping. The Campros is a great option for a family summer tent. It has plenty of space to fit the entire family and multiple dogs. There are a few flaws, but overall it is a quality tent, especially for its affordable price.


    • Great quality tent for a good price
    • Roomy, will easily fit a family and multiple dogs
    • Easy setup
    • Small covered hole for routing power cable into the tent
    • Fits back in the storage bag easily
    • Lightweight
    • Mesh pockets for storage


    • One-way zipper on the door
    • Flaps on the door get caught in the zipper easily.
    • Only one entrance/exit
    • It’s a summer tent, not insulated or the best option for colder climates.
    • Does not come with a footprint

    ✅ Buy the Campros CP Tent here

    3. Coleman Sundome Camping Tent

    Product Details
    Occupancy: 2, 3, 4, or 6 person
    Product Dimensions LxWxH: â€Žâ€Ž27.13 x 8.82 x 8.82″ (6 person)
    Weight of Tent: â€Ž16.6 pounds (6 person)
    Warranty: 1 year

    The Coleman Sundome Camping Tent is a best seller and a great quality tent for an affordable price. It comes in four sizes, 2, 3, 4, or 6-person tent. All of the Sundome Camping Tents are spacious and provide extra room for packs and your dog. To get an idea of the size, a 6-person tent has enough room for two queen size air beds.

    Summer showers and rainstorms are not a problem in the Coleman Sundome Camping Tent with its WeatherTec System and rain fly. The WeatherTec System system features patented welded floors and inverted seams to help ensure you stay dry and the tent can withstand up to 35+ mph winds.

    Best Tent For:

    It is best for car camping because it is a little on the heavy side for backpacking unless you buy the 2-person tent which is 7.4 pounds. This is the perfect tent for an individual, couple, or small family looking to do some short summer camping trips.

    The Sundome is a great option for dogs with its large windows and a ground vent that adds an additional ventilation. This will help keep you and your pup comfortable throughout the night.


    • Great quality for the price
    • Easy setup & disassemble
    • Carry bag included for transportation
    • E-Port for easy access to electrical power inside your tent
    • Spacious tents
    • Great ventilation & airy in hot climates
    • WeatherTec System and Rainfly


    • Not a cold weather tent
    • Footprint not included
    • Made from nylon & not polyester
    • Stakes could be more sturdy may want to invest in stronger ones
    • Only one entry/exit to the tent

    ✅ Buy the Coleman Sundome Camping Tent here

    4. The North Face Wawona

    Product Details
    Occupancy: 6 person
    Product Dimensions: â€ŽFloor space: 86.11ft² height: 80″
    Weight of Tent: â€Ž20 lbs. 15 oz.
    Warranty: None

    The North Face Wawona is one of North Face’s most popular tents! And now, it’s better than ever. They recently made some upgrades to the Wawona by adding a single to double-wall construction and redesigning its poles for an easier setup.

    One of the favorite features of this tent is the huge vestibule, which is the perfect location for you to store your gear, an additional sitting room, or extra space for your dog. The Wawona tent itself is also spacious and has a massive height of 6’6″.

    The North Face Wawona is made from quality material that should keep you comfortable in inclement weather. The rain fly, canopy, and the floor of the tent are made from durable fabric with a water-resistant finish. Also, the tent has superior ventilation with its hybrid double-wall design and large mesh front door.

    Best Tent For:

    Car camping. The enormous vestibule is the main seller of this tent. It is also the main reason why this is the perfect tent for camping with your dog. The extra space is ideal for a dog kennel or dog bed, and you will still have plenty of room for your gear and other camping supplies.

    The North Face Wawona has good ventilation for the spring, summer, and fall months. However, I would suggest a different tent with better weather protection for winter to withstand snowfall.


    • Offers flame retardant coating
    • Easy setup
    • 3 doors & 2 vestibules
    • Massive vestibule
    • Good quality tent with great value
    • Spacious & you can walk & stand in the tent
    • The waterproof, tent made from polyester


    • Difficult to refold the tent into its duffle storage bag
    • Does not come with a footprint
    • More expensive than some of the other tents on this list
    • Mesh door is draft prone

    👣  Add on The North Face Ground Cover Footprint for Wawona 6 Six-Person Camping Tent

    ✅ Want it ASAP buy The North Face Wawona here on Amazon

    🤑 Or do you have some time to spare?✅ Get it on Backcountry for a lower price. Also, keep your eye out, they have numerous price slashing discounts throughout the year.

    5. NTK Pet Genius Tent

    Product Details
    Occupancy: comes in two sizes medium & large
    Product Dimensions: â€Žmedium: 31x31x23 inches
    Weight of Tent: â€Žmedium 2.5 pounds
    Warranty: none

    You may already have a tent, and instead of investing in a new one, you can save some money and buy a camping tent just for your dog. The NTK Pet Genius Tent is a pop-up and portable tent. It can be used for camping or any other outdoor activities. Such as the beach, backyard, or even as a playpen indoors.

    The tent comes in two sizes, either medium or large. The medium tent can fit two small dogs or one large dog around 70 pounds. The large tent is a great option for a larger breed or if you have multiple dogs.

    The NTK Pet Genius Tent is the perfect space for your pup or pups to call home during your camping trip. The tent provides tons of ventilation and shade for those hot summer days.

    Best Tent For:

    This dog camping tent can be a great addition if you already own a tent and, you are looking for extra space for your dog or multiple dogs. It is lightweight and comes with a travel bag, so it will be easy to transport in your car for your next camping trip.

    The NTK Pet Genius Tent is ideal for car camping during the summer months. It does come with a rainfly that will keep your dog dry if it starts raining. However, I would depend on this tent if there are high winds or a rainstorm.


    • UV shade cover & removable rainfly
    • Comes with a travel bag
    • Lightweight & easy to setup
    • Comes with 4 galvanized steel stakes to anchor your tent when needed
    • Great ventilation
    • Cheaper than buying a new tent


    • Doesn’t protect against inclement weather
    • You may need to train a dog to use it
    • Material is thin, put down a blanket to protect the floor of the tent

    ✅ Buy the NTK Pet Genius Tent here

    6. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

    Product Details
    Occupancy: 6 person or they offer a 10 person
    Product Dimensions: â€Ž11 x 9 ft with 6′ 8″ center height
    Weight of Tent: â€Ž34.14 pounds
    Warranty: Limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty

    Another Coleman tent makes the list of best dog camping tents! The Coleman WeatherMaster is the ultimate family camping tent.

    The 6-person tent is huge, with a spacious sleeping area that can fit two queen-sized air mattresses and an additional screen room. The screen room is an awesome addition to a shaded area to lounge in during the day, storage for camping supplies, extra space for the dog, and movie nights if you bring a projector.

    If you want even more space, the Coleman WeatherMaster also comes in a 10-person tent. It measures 17 x 9 feet and is very affordable for its size. Currently, it is only $10 more than the 6-person tent.

    The Coleman WeatherMaster offers a WeatherTec system that will be sure to keep you and your family dry during your camping adventure. It features waterproof floors, a wind-strong frame, inverted seams to help you stay dry, and a rain fly for extra weather protection.

    Best Tent For:

    If you are planning a family camping trip with your dog, this is the tent for you! The Coleman WeatherMaster is the perfect tent for car camping and extended camping trips with a large group. Also, with the screen room, you will have plenty of space and a cool spot for your furry friend.

    A unique feature of the Coleman WeatherMaster is its hinged door, instead of the usual zipper door, you find on most tents. It’s great for those late-night potty breaks for the pup and easy access in and out of the tent.


    • Spacious tent & one you can walk around in
    • Extra screen room
    • WeatherTec system
    • E-Port to bring electrical power inside your tent.
    • Hinged door for easy access
    • The rain fly and carry bag are included
    • Excellent ventilation, especially in the screen room


    • Recommended to use a waterproof spray before the camping trip
    • Difficult getting the tent back in the carry bag
    • The stakes are cheap, you may need to invest in some heavy-duty ones.
    • It does not come with a footprint
    • Not a winter tent

    ✅ Before your camping trip with the Coleman WeatherMaster, I suggest purchasing some heavy-duty stakes. It is a small extra expense that will certainly pay off in the long run.

    ✅ Buy the Coleman WeatherMaster here

    7. Moon Lence Pop-Up Tent

    Product Details
    Occupancy: 4 person
    Product Dimensions: â€Ž82.68 x 49.21 x 94.49 inches
    Weight of Tent: â€Ž10.8 pounds
    Warranty: none

    If this is your first camping trip, or you are just looking for an easy-to-assemble and affordable tent, then the Moon Lence Pop-Up Tent is the perfect option for you. The Moon Lence Tent is super simple to set up. You will have your tent up and ready in just under two minutes. It is also very easy to take down and pack away at the end of your camping trip.

    Some of the key features that make the Moon Lence Tent one of the best dog camping tents are its ventilation and two doors for easy access in and out of the tent. The Moon Lence has excellent ventilation with two ground vents and two large doors, which make for a comfortable stay and night’s sleep during the summer months.

    The Moon Lence Tent is made from 190T PU material, a water-resistant polyester. And the bottom of the tent is a 210D Oxford Ground Sheet, a lightweight, flexible, and durable fabric.

    Best Tent For:

    Campers who want a no-fuss and easy-to-assemble car camping tent. This popup tent is great for a couple or small family traveling with their dog for a weekend camping trip. The Moon Lence is best in the summer months and is not a winter tent.


    • Great quality for the price
    • Lightweight, especially for a 4-person tent
    • Made 100% from polyester
    • Easy to set up
    • Protects against UV, water resistant, & windproof
    • Excellent ventilation
    • Comes with a storage bag


    • If you are a frequent camper, may want to invest in a more expensive tent.
    • Not a winter tent
    • Does not fit 4 people, best for 2 people and a dog.

    ✅ Buy the Moon Lence Pop Up Tent here

    8. Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent

    Product Details
    Occupancy: 11 person
    Product Dimensions: â€ŽFloor Size: 17′ x 12′ & Height: 86 “
    Weight of Tent: â€Ž36.24 pounds
    Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

    The Core 11-Person Tent is the perfect family tent and has everything you need for an epic camping trip! This massive tent is large enough for you to walk around in and has two separate rooms. One of the rooms is used as the sleeping quarters. It is spacious and could fit up to two queen-sized air mattresses. The second room is an enclosed screen room at the front of the tent.

    The screen room provides plenty of extra space. You can use it to store your gear, an extra space to enjoy the outdoors in the shade, or a great sleeping spot for your dog or multiple dogs. Another perk of the screen room is that it is fully enclosed, so you don’t have to worry about your pup sleeping on the wet or cold ground, and it helps keep the bugs out of your tent. 

    Another awesome and unique feature of the Core 11 is its advanced ventilation system. The tent has adjustable vents that draw cool air in from the ground and pushes hot air out through a large mesh ceiling for ample cross-ventilation.

    Best Tent For:

    The Core 11 is the best tent for car camping with a large group. It is also a great option for a family who has multiple medium to large dogs. The extra screen room provides plenty of space for larger dogs to spread out and have a comfortable and dry area to sleep in.

    This tent is massive, which is great but make sure to check the campsite’s restrictions on size before bringing this tent on your next camping trip. Be aware, that it may not fit some campsites.


    • Front screen room with closable window panels and full tent floor coverage
    • Massive tent for an affordable price
    • Great quality for the price
    • Electrical cord access port
    • Includes rainfly & carry bag
    • Advanced ventilation system
    • Water-resistant


    • Heavy
    • Footprint not included 
    • Only one door to the tent
    • A large tent and may not fit some campsites
    • Set up takes some time
    • Not a winter tent

    ✅ Buy the Core 11 Person Tent here

    9. Mineral King

    Product Details
    Occupancy: 3 person
    Product Dimensions: â€ŽFloor Space: 68 x 90″ Height: 41″
    Weight of Tent: â€Ž7 lb 6.7 oz
    Warranty: Lifetime

    The Mineral King 3 Person Tent is an all-around great quality tent that will last you on numerous camping trips with your pup over many years. It is a three-season and 3-person tent. It would be best for a couple or two individuals and a dog.

    The Mineral King is a little more expensive than some of the other 3 person tents on this list. However, this tent is durable and has many features that other tents do not have.

    For example, the Mineral King includes a footprint, which provides extra protection to the floor of your tent. Most tents on the market do not come with a footprint, and you have to buy one separately. Another huge perk is that the Mineral King tent has a lifetime warranty.

    You will have plenty of storage with the Mineral King. There are two full-sized vestibules that can provide ample gear storage and five internal pockets for small item storage inside of the tent.

    Best Tent For:

    The Mineral King is a well-rounded tent and ideal for a couple or one person who enjoys backpacking and car camping with their dog. It is on the heavy side for backpacking but can be manageable depending on the trip, especially if you are backpacking with a second person.

    It is also larger than most 3-person tents, so you will have plenty of room to share with your pup and an additional person. Or it could be a great fit as an all-purpose tent for a small family.


    • Lightweight
    • Materials are high quality
    • Spacious 3-person tent
    • Lots of extra storage space with vestibule & internal pockets
    • Can be used for backpacking or car camping
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Includes a footprint
    • Easy to set up and take down
    • Mesh on top for great ventilation
    • 2 doors for easy access
    • Removable rain fly with a mesh canopy


    • 3 season tent, does not hold up in cold weather
    • A little more expensive than other 3-person tents on this list

    ✅ Buy the Mineral King 3 Person Tent here

    Best Tents For Dogs: Backpacking

    10. Near-Zero 3-Person Lightweight Tent

    Product Details
    Occupancy: 3 person
    Product Dimensions: LxWxH â€Ž90x70x43 inches
    Weight of Tent: â€Ž4 lb 15 oz 
    Warranty: 1 year

    If backpacking is more your style of camping, then look no further than the Near Zero 3 Person Lightweight Tent. The Near Zero is lightweight, compact, and also very spacious. It could easily fit two adults and a large dog. Near Zero also offers a Near Zero 2 Person Ultra Lightweight Tent that is perfect for a solo backpacking trip with the pup.

    The Near Zero 3-Person Tent is longer and wider than the average 3-person lightweight tent. It also has two doors for easy access in and out of the tent. Another great feature is the extra storage. There are 8 mesh pouches within the tent for small items. Also, you will have two large side vestibules to store your gear.

    There are other tents on the market that are more ultralight and weigh less than the Near Zero. However, they will cost you at least double the price. For a tent that is this lightweight and high quality, you are not going to find a better deal. The Near Zero is a great option for a budget lightweight tent for backpacking.

    Best Tent For:

    The Near Zero 3-Person Lightweight Tent is an incredible option for a budget-friendly backpacking tent. It is lightweight, but also spacious enough to fit an additional person and a dog.

    The tent is also very easy to set up with its color-coded single pole frame. Another perk is the mesh tent. On dry nights, you can catch a beautiful sunset or go stargazing with the 360° view mesh tent.


    • Easy to set up and take down
    • Large side vestibules to store gear
    • 2 large doors for easy entry and exit to the tent
    • 3 season tent
    • Comes with a carry bag & rain fly
    • Amazing value for the price
    • Bathtub floor to keep water out
    • Freestanding tent
    • Great ventilation with 360-degree mesh tent
    • 8 storage pockets
    • Waterproof


    • Not an ultralight tent
    • The footprint is not included

    👣 If you are buying this tent, I highly suggest you get the Near Zero 3 Person Tent Footprint as well. It is ultralight at only 9 oz and includes buckles, that attach to the rainfly.

    ✅ Buy the Near Zero 3 Person Lightweight Tent here

    ✅ Buy the Near Zero 2 Person Ultra Lightweight Tent here

    11. Clostnature Backpacking Tent

    Product Details
    Occupancy: 2 person
    Product Dimensions: â€Ž7’3″ x 4’11” x 3’10”
    Weight of Tent: â€Ž5.4 pounds
    Warranty: Lifetime warranty & 100% satisfaction guarantee

    Right off the bat, I love that the Clostnature Backpacking Tent has a lifetime warranty. To me, that shows how confident the company is with the quality of its product. And when camping with a dog, you are going to want a product that is durable and will last.

    The Clostnature Tent materials are top-notch, especially for the price. The tent is made from polyester with a PU5000 coating applied to the tent floor. This coating allows for more insulation, better breathability, water resistance, and softer texture.

    What makes the Clostnature two-person tent different from others is the size. It is larger than most two-person tents and will give you extra space for two small dogs or a large dog.

    Also, another alternative is to have the dog sleep under the vestibule. There are two vestibules on either side of the tent that are great for storage or extra space for your pup. Another perk is there are two large doors that provide convenience in and out of the tent.

    Best Tent For:

    There are also multiple features that make it the best tent for dogs. Such as the size, two doorways, vestibule, ventilation, and durability. This tent is excellent for couples backpacking or camping with their dog.

    The Clostnature is the best tent for dogs and humans who enjoy a variety of adventures. As a result of its lightweight, quality waterproof and insulating materials, and quick setup. The Clostnature is perfect for backpacking, kayaking, mountaineering, or car camping.


    • Lightweight and great for backpacking
    • Waterproof & insulated so it can be used in hot and cold weather
    • Made from quality products at an affordable price
    • Larger than most two-person tents
    • Quick setup & compact
    • Great ventilation
    • Offers two doorways
    • Comes with a Rainfly and carry bag
    •  Two-way SBS zippers protected by Velcro sleeves


    • Footprint is extra
    • On the heavier side for a backpacking tent
    • Stakes can bend easily in packed dirt

    If you are purchasing the Clostnature Backpacking Tent, I highly recommend you also get their footprint.

    Besides having that extra layer of waterproofing material and protection, it also extends out under the vestibules. This way if your dog is sleeping under the vestibule they will not be laying on the cool or wet ground.

    👣 The Clostnature Tent Footprint is waterproof and ultra-lightweight at only 9 ounces.

    ✅ Buy the Clostnature Backpacking Tent here

    12. Eureka! Mountain Pass Four-Season Tent

    Product Details
    Occupancy: 3 person
    Product Dimensions: LxWxH ‎88 x 78 x 44 inches
    Weight of Tent: â€Ž7.5 Pounds
    Warranty: Limited warranty

    What stands out about Eureka! Mountain Pass Tent is that it’s a four-season convertible tent that you can get for an incredible price. The Four Season Mountain Pass Tent was made to handle adventures in any season or in-climate weather. It features removable side panels that provide an added layer of protection during the winter months or can be removed and left at home for warm summer backpacking trips.

    The Mountain Pass Tent comes in either a three-person or a two-person tent. The two-person Mountain Pass Tent is the same design but at a lighter weight of only 5 pounds 9 ounces and a floor area of 32 square feet.

    Another great feature of the Mountain Pass Tent is the high/low vent system. It is a fully adjustable air exchange system that allows cooler air to enter through low vents while enabling warmer air to exit out the top to reduce moisture inside the tent. Also, added bonus, the footprint, and tent carry bag come with the tent.

    Best Tent For:

    The Eureka! Mountain Pass Tent is the best dog camping tent because of its versatile ability to handle all climates. It is for the serious camper who enjoys going outdoors and on adventures throughout the year no matter the weather.

    The tent is spacious enough for two individuals and a dog. It also offers a great ventilation system to reduce moisture in the tent and provide a safe and comfortable space to sleep at night.

    Four Season tents can easily cost you close to $1,000 or more. However, with the Eureka! Mountain Pass Tent, you are still getting the quality of those expensive tents, but for a way cheaper price. This will be the tent that will last you on many adventures and years to come.


    • Four season tent
    • Footprint is included
    • Less expensive than other Four Season tents
    • Easy setup with one pole design & color-coded clips
    • Lightweight
    • Waterproof rainfly
    • Two doors and two vestibules to store gear
    • 5 storage pockets
    • The high-low vent system
    • Removable side panels to convert to a summer tent
    • Made with quality long-lasting materials


    • On the heavy side for a backpacking tent
    • Window pockets do not function very well.
    • Best for someone who wants an all-season tent

    ✅ Buy the 3-person Eureka! Mountain Pass Tent here

    ✅ Buy the 2-person Eureka! Mountain Pass Tent on Backcountry here

    13. ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr

    Product Details
    Occupancy: 2-3 person
    Product Dimensions: â€ŽBase Size: 6’2 x 7’5, Center Height: 41″ 
    Weight of Tent: â€ŽPacked sized 6 lbs 6 oz
    Warranty: ‎Limited Lifetime Warranty

    The three-person Alps Mountaineering Zephyr is the perfect backpacking tent for two people and one large dog or two medium-small dogs. Backpacking tents are typically on the smaller size since you want them to be lightweight for your pack. However, the Zephyr is still lightweight and spacious enough to share with another person and your four-legged friend.

    The two vestibules are also a great addition because it adds extra storage for your pack or a spot for your dog to lay its head for the night. Another feature of the Zephyr Tent that makes it the best dog camping tent is the superb ventilation. There are two mesh doors and entire mesh walls that offer excellent ventilation for the tent.

    Best Tent For:

    The Alps Mountaineering Zephyr Tent is best for a couple or individual who enjoys backpacking or car camping with their furry best friend. It is a three-person tent with two extra vestibules, so perfect for two people, some gear, and your pup.

    This tent will stand up to most weather conditions, such as rain, wind, and heat. However, it is not a winter tent. This tent is not insulated or designed for cold weather.


    • Easy setup
    • Great value for the price
    • Spacious for a backpacking tent
    • Lightweight & great option for backpacking
    • Polyester tent fly with 1500mm coating
    • Water resistant & protects against UV damage
    • 2 extra vestibules for storage
    • Great ventilation with mesh doors and walls
    • Two doors for entry/exit


    • Does not come with a footprint
    • Not a winter tent
    • On the heavier side for a backpacking tent

    👣 If this is the tent for you and your dog, I also suggest you purchase the Alps Mountaineering footprint as well. It is the recommended footprint for this tent. It is lightweight at 12 ounces and made of durable Polyester fabric.

    ✅ Buy the Alps Mountaineering Zephyr here

    Must Haves Items For Camping With a Dog

    must have items for camping with a dog

    I remember our first camping trip with our Golden Retriever Cash. Our Jeep Cherokee was filled to the brim of supplies that we thought we needed, and it was only for one night! We of course still had an amazing time, but there were so many extra things we did not need. What I have learned since then is to pack only the essentials.

    Here is a quick checklist of things you will need for your next dog-friendly camping trip

    • Food Storage Bag: We use a reusable food storage bag for our camping trips and all of our travel with the dogs. It’s easy to clean, durable, long-lasting, and keeps the kibble dry.
    • Collapsable Bowl: Another must-have is a collapsable dog bowl. This dog bowl from Ruffwear is perfect because it is lightweight, durable, and collapsible. We prefer the microsuede material over the silicone ones because they last longer and our dogs will not chew on them.
    • Dog Camping Bed: A dog camping bed or sleeping bag to keep them warm and comfortable on chilly nights.
    • Dog Pack: I use our dog pack all of the time, especially now that we have two dogs. I have them carry their water, snacks, and dirty poop bags. It frees up my hands, lightens my pack, and my dog barely notices that it’s on.  This is the dog pack we have. It’s a lot cheaper than Ruffwears dog pack and has lasted us two years so far.
    • Doggy First Aid Kit: I am a firm believer in having a doggy first aid kit after one of our dogs had a scary anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting. You never know when things like this can happen, so you want to be prepared as much as possible. You can purchase a doggy first aid kit or make one yourself.
    • Towels: Dogs are going to get dirty camping. To try and keep your tent as clean as possible, I suggest packing a bunch of towels.
    • Leashes: Besides your usual walking leash, I would also bring a longer leash to tie them up at your campsite.
    • Toys: I’m sure you will be busy hiking and exploring the outdoors, but I suggest bringing a couple of familiar dog toys for them to chew or play with during downtime.
    • Tarp or protective barrier: A protective barrier for the floor of the tent to help prevent tears from your dog’s nails.
    • Headlight: So useful when traveling with your pup! It’s helpful to use our headlights for walking your dog late at night and leaves your hands free to hold the leash and carry poop bags.

    What to Look For in a Dog-Friendly Tent

    Quality & Durable Materials

    You want a tent that will last many camping trips with your dog and family. Let’s face it, we know that dogs are not the most gentle creatures. Their nails can easily tear through thin materials. So when camping with your dog, you will definitely need a tent that is built with quality materials.

    Size of the Tent & Storage

    When looking for a dog-friendly tent, it is always important to pick the correct size, especially if you have a larger breed dog. A great rule of thumb is that most two-person tents are perfect for one person and one dog, and a three-person tent is ideal for camping with two individuals and a pup.

    best tents for dogs included extra storage space and the size of the tent

    Extra storage space is also huge when camping with your dog. You are going to have gear, muddy shoes, and other camping supplies that you want to keep close to you. Having extra storage pockets inside the tent, large vestibules, or screen rooms is a great way to save space and make more room for your furry friend.

    Two great options for a two-person one-dog tent are the Mineral King and the Alps Mountaineering Zephyr tent.

    Sometimes a tent can be too big. With some of the enormous family tents, be sure to check the campground’s restrictions on size.

    Weight of The Tent

    The weight of your tent is extremely important if you plan on backpacking. Depending on what type of backpacking adventure you are going on, the standard backpacking tent typically weighs between 5 to 7 pounds, and lightweight tents are around 3 to 4 pounds.

    However, with car camping, you will not have to worry as much about the weight of your tent. Unless you plan on doing a lot of solo camping with your dog. Then you may want to consider a lightweight and easy-to-set-up tent.

    Make Sure Your Tent is Weatherproof

    Getting caught in the rain and storms happens when camping outdoors. You do not want to cut a trip short or spend a night in a wet leaky tent because you didn’t buy a water-resistant tent. To make sure your tent is waterproof you will want it to have a rainfly and be made from water-resistant fabric like polyurethane.

    It is also imperative to have a waterproof fabric coating that adds water resistance and helps waterproof the tent. This would include polyurethane, silicone, or polyether coatings. If your tent does not come with a coating, you can buy a water repellent spray and a seam sealer to prevent water leaks.

    Seam Grip is a waterproof sealant that works on all types of fabric and Scotchguard can be used as a water repellent spray to be applied to your tent’s rain fly.

    Does the Tent Have Vestibules Or a Screened Room

    Vestibules are a great addition to a dog-friendly tent. Tent vestibules are an area along the sides or front of your tent that sit under the rain fly and provide additional space next to the interior of your tent.

    Screened rooms are another awesome feature when camping with your dog. It is typically a mesh room attached to your tent with a covered roof. It may or may not have a floor depending on the tent.

    Both vestibules and screened rooms are helpful because they provide extra storage space. Also, they could be a spot for your dog to spend the night or a shaded spot for your dog to curl up and rest during the day.

    Is There Proper Ventilation

    A tent with good ventilation is important for a number of reasons. A high-quality ventilation system reduces the formation of moisture and condensation in the tent. The ventilation also helps reduce the temperature and ensures breathable air inside the tent.

    what to look for in a dog friendly tent

    Dogs typically run at a hotter internal temperature than us and have a difficult time regulating their body temperature. So when camping in the summer months, you need to be cautious of your pup overheating. This is one of the reasons why it is important to purchase a tent with a high-quality ventilation system.

    Ease of Access

    When camping with your dog or dogs, you will want a tent that has easy access in and out of the tent. A two-door tent helps solve this problem.

    The double doors are an extra convenience in your tent that will allow your dog to go in & out from either side. So late night or early morning potty breaks, you will not have to worry about the dog climbing over you to access the door.


    Unless you plan on winter camping trips, a three-season tent should suffice. A four-season tent is usually more expensive and only necessary if you plan on camping year-round.

    Best Tents For Dogs

    However, if you are looking for a versatile tent, the Eureka! Mountain Pass Tent is the perfect option for a four-season tent. It offers an extra layer of protection and insulation during the winter months and the flexibility of removable side panels that can be left at home for summer camping trips.

    The Price of the Tent

    We have all heard the saying “You get what you paid for.” If you plan on going on multiple camping trips, you will want a tent that is of excellent quality and value. However, you also don’t need to spend a fortune on a durable and reliable tent.

    The best budget-friendly and affordable dog camping tent is the Coleman Sundome Camping Tent. The Near Zero 3 Person Lightweight Tent is a great option for quality and reasonably priced backpacking tents. And the Eureka! Mountain Pass Tent provides a 4-season tent and versatile tent with the same quality as those expensive tents, but for a way cheaper price.

    Car Camping vs. Backpacking

    I broke this list of best tents for dogs into two main categories, either a tent for car camping or backpacking. The main difference between car camping and backpacking is the weight of the tent.

    🧖🏻‍♀️ Prefer a more “luxurious” camping experience? You can find the 10 Best Pet-Friendly Glamping Sites in Northern California here.


    Backpacking requires you to carry all of your gear, including your tent, on your back. Also on backpacking adventures, you will usually need to hike with your pack to your campsite. A standard backpacking tent typically weighs between 5 to 7 pounds, whereas lightweight tents are around 3 to 4 pounds. Keep in mind that ultralight and lightweight tents tend to be more expensive.

    If you are planning a backpacking trip with your pup, the Near Zero 3 Person Lightweight Tent offers an affordable lightweight 3-person and a 2-person tent. Lightweight backpacking tents can be on the pricier side, so this is one that is of great quality for an amazing price.

    Car Camping

    Car camping is the most popular form of camping and is known as camping within proximity of your car. It allows you to pack a lot more gear and essentials for your trip. It will often take place in a designated camping site where there are other facilities like showers and bathrooms.

    You will have a lot more options for tents than with car camping because you don’t have to worry as much about the weight and size of your tent.

    Other Frequently Asked Questions For Camping With Your Dog

    What Should My Dog Sleep On In a Tent?

    A dog camping bed is a must-have item to pack for your dog to sleep on in a tent.  Depending on your pup, there is a variety of dog camping beds to choose from that will fit your dog’s unique needs.

    a dog sleeping bag is the perfect item to pack for you dog to sleep on in a tent.

    The Furhaven Trail Pup Stuff Sack, in my opinion, is the best camping dog bed for the best price. For what this dog bed offers, it is a steal! And definitely worth the price. The Trail Pup Stuff Sack is lightweight and easily rolls up into the transport bag for travel or storage.

    For more options of camping beds for your dog check out The 15 Best Camping Dog Beds For Dogs of All Sizes

    How Can I Protect My Tent From My Dog? 

    You can protect the tent from a dog by laying down a protective barrier on the floor of your tent and by making sure they have a dog bed or mat that is designated for them.

    Other ways to protect your tent are by trimming their nails before the camping trip and not leaving them alone in the tent. If your dog is a chewer, make sure you have packed other dog-friendly chew toys to keep them distracted during downtime.

    Are Dogs OK in Tents?

    Dogs are OK to sleep in tents, and most people do prefer it. However, all dogs are unique and different and as their owner, you are going to know your dog best.

    They may require a little training before your camping trip to be comfortable sleeping in a tent. You can do this by setting up your tent prior to your trip in your house or yard. Provide positive reinforcement and practice getting them familiar with the tent.

    In Conclusion: Best Tents For Dogs

    You can’t go wrong with choosing any of the tents in this guide of Best Tents For Dogs. They all offer unique features that will help improve the camping experience for you and your pup.

    A dog friendly winery in Sonoma

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