Gas Stations in Death Valley: Tips for Your Road Trip in 2024

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Why is knowing about the gas stations in Death Valley so important? Typically when planning a fun and adventurous road trip, the thought of “Where am I going to get gas” may not be at the top of your to do list.

However, exploring and road-tripping to a destination like Death Valley does require a little bit of preplanning and budgeting before your trip.

The gas stations in Death Valley may have some of the most expensive gas in the country, but what are you supposed to do if you are stranded in the desert with an empty gas tank?

Luckily, with some planning in advance, we can help avoid paying astronomical prices for our gas.

In this post, you will learn where the gas stations are located in Death Valley, where to get cheaper gas nearby if you can charge your electric car in Death Valley, and more tips to help you have the best and safest trip to Death Valley National Park.

Short on time?Β Here is what you need to know about the gas stations in Death Valley:

β›½ There are only 3 gas stations in the entire national park
βœ… If you prefer not to drive you can do a guided tour from Las Vegas
πŸš— Stovepipe Wells Gas Station will be your cheapest option for gas inside the national park.

Gas Stations in Death Valley National Park

badwater basin at sunset

There are three gas stations available in Death Valley National Park:

  • Furnace Creek (At the Oasis at Death Valley)
  • Stovepipe Wells (only sells 87-octane gasoline)
  • Panamint Springs Resort

You should know where the gas stations are in case you need to stop at one during your road trip. If you didn’t know this already, Death Valley is enormous. It is over 3 million acres of land and nearly 1,000 miles of paved and dirt roads.

Expect to do a fair amount of driving in one day. Most of the must-see locations in Death Valley, such as Bad Water Basin, Dantes View, Zabriskie Point, etc., are a decent distance from each other.

So keep an eye on that gas tank because you do not want to end up gasless in the middle of Death Valley needing a tow. If the gas is this expensive, you can only imagine how expensive getting a tow company to bail you out is going to be.

πŸš— If you plan on renting a car to Death Valley:

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How Much is Gas in Death Valley

The gas prices fluctuate, just like the rest of the country, but you should expect to pay top dollar for gas in Death Valley. California gas prices are generally higher than most states in the country. However, the gas in Death Valley will be even more.

8 Must See Stops Death Valley National Park

In 2024, you can expect gas prices to be at least around $5.00 per gallon for regular. You can also check out GasBuddy to get a better idea of current gas prices.

You, of course, want to avoid extreme prices. However, sometimes you are just in need of gas and want to avoid the risk of breaking down. So here are some tips for navigating the gas stations in Death Valley.

Stovepipe Wells Gas Station

Address: 51880 CA-190, Death Valley, CA 92328

Stovepipe Wells Gas Station is owned by the Park Service and will be your cheapest option for gas inside the national park. It is located near Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, so if you need gas, it could be a good idea to fill up here to save some money. They have a general store with some snacks, souvenirs, and public restrooms.

Important Tip: You can only get regular gas at Stovepipe. They do not offer premium, plus, or diesel.

Furnace Creek Gas Station

Address: CA-190, Death Valley, CA 92328

The gas at Furnace Creek could be the most expensive in the entire country with prices in 2022 reaching an unbelievable $9.00 per gallon for diesel and premium. The Furnace Creek Gas Station is privately owned and will be at least $1.00 or more than the gas at Stovepipe Wells.

It is important to know, that unlike Stovepipe, Furnace Creek carries plus, premium, and diesel.

The gas station is centrally located and closeby to Zabriskie Point, Badwater Basin, Artist Drive, and Devil’s Golf Course. However, if you can hold off, save your money and go 25 miles to Stovepipe Wells.

Panamint Springs Gas Station

Address: 40440 CA-190, Darwin, CA 93522

Panamint springs gas station

The Panamint Springs Gas Station is located along Route 190 in the remote Panamint Valley in Death Valley National Park. It is out of the way if you are looking for gas near some of the main sights (Zabriskie Point, Badwater Basin, Dantes View), but it is a great stop to fuel up if you are entering the national park from 190-E.

You can get regular, midgrade, premium, and diesel at the Panamint Springs Gas Station. They also have a general store where you can pick up some road trip snacks, beverages, bags of ice, camping supplies, souvenirs, and even ice cream cones and milkshakes.

Is Diesel Fuel Available in Death Valley

You can get diesel fuel at Furnace Creek and Panamint Springs Gas Station. However, it is not available at Stovepipe Wells.

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    Why is Death Valley Gas so Expensive

    There are very good reasons why Death Valley gas is so expensive, one being its location. Death Valley is located in a desert and is difficult to get to. There are dangerous road conditions to reach the national park, such as winding highways and long stretches of desolate interstates.

    Also, weather conditions play a big part in the challenge of getting gas to Death Valley. In the winter, the drive to Death Valley National Park will often require driving through the cold and snow from nearby areas of California like Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon.

    Are There Tesla Charging Stations in Death Valley

    Yes, believe it or not, you can charge your Tesla in Death Valley. There are charging stations at The Oasis at Death Valley Hotel. They were installed in 2019 to help expand access to electric vehicle travel and help reduce air pollution in the national park.

    electric vehicle charging station

    Currently, the charging stations are free and powered by The Oasis at Death Valleys’ onsite solar field. There are a total of 6 charging stations, four chargers located at The Ranch at Death Valley and two at The Inn at Death Valley.

    However, they do not offer superchargers for your electric vehicle. The closest superchargers are in Baker, Ridgecrest, or Lone Pine.

    Where to Get Gas Near Death Valley

    Top things to do Beatty, Nevada
    Beatty, NV

    To help avoid paying the big bucks to fill your tank at one of these pricey gas stations, you can fuel up in a nearby town before entering the national park. There are multiple entrances to Death Valley, so depending on where you are coming from you can plan on where to stop.

    You can top off your tank in the towns of:

    • Beatty, NV
    • Pahrump, NV
    • Shoshone, CA
    • Lone Pine, CA
    • Amargosa Valley, NV
    • Trona, CA

    All of these locations will have cheaper gas prices than Death Valley. While you are fueling up, don’t forget to stock up on water and ice for your cooler.

    How Long Does it Take to Drive Through Death Valley

    canyons at Zabriskie point in Death Valley

    Death Valley is about 140 miles long, it would take you approximately 2.5 hours to drive from one end of Death Valley to the other. However, I don’t think this is the best way to experience the national park.

    There are many stops you will want to make along the way to witness these natural phenomena. And since Death Valley is so expansive, you will need to pick and choose where you want to visit. Or spend numerous days hiking and exploring the park.

    Driving Tips for Death Valley National Park

    Here are some helpful tips to help keep you safe while you are driving through Death Valley:

    • Pack plenty of water in your car & store it in a cooler in case of emergency. In the summer drink at least 2 to 4 liters per day
    • Make sure your car is well-maintained. Get your oil changed, check your tire pressure, & have a spare tire available just in case of a flat.
    • Download the NPS App before you arrive to access information and maps in areas with no service.
    • Check for any road closures. In the winter, roads towards Telescope Peak or Titus Canyon Road are closed due to snow, mud, or washouts.

    Another Way to Save Money Visiting Death Valley

    Besides getting your gas outside of the national park, another way you can save money during your road trip to Death Valley is by booking your accommodations in some of these nearby towns.

    Top things to do Beatty, Nevada

    Beatty, NV, is a popular choice because of its location. It is only 7 miles away from the entrance of Death Valley. This is where we decided to stay during our last trip. This small town offers some unique and fascinating things to do in Beatty, including the famous ghost town, Rhyolite Ghost Town.

    In Conclusion: Gas Stations in Death Valley

    Can you get gas in Death Valley? Yes, but it is going to cost you. However, what can we expect when we visit a national park in the middle of nowhere in a desert?

    High gas prices are not great, but we can plan accordingly before our road trip. Such as getting gas before you enter the national park, keeping an eye on that gas tank throughout your road trip to avoid breaking down, and topping off your tank at Stovepipe Wells for the cheapest gas in Death Valley.

    If you want more guides, itineraries, and helpful tips for Death Valley, you can check out my guide page here.

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